Madame Butterfly

470Who can believe its July already?! The longest day has been and gone and we can’t wait for a scorcher of a summer to hit Coleman Douglas Pearls. And what could be better than attending one of the fabulous operas on this season? Attending in specifically designed pearl jewellery by Coleman Douglas Pearls of course!

madame butterflyMadame Butterfly by Puccini is one of the most famous stories of  unrequited love and the English National Opera’s version is sure to not disappoint. Running from the 24th June to 7th July at the London Coliseum, this is the perfect way to relax on a summer evening. Set in 1904, Nagasaki, Japan, Madame Butterfly elegantly weaves a love story between Ciocio-san (cio-cio, pronounced “chocho”, the Japanese word for “butterfly”) and a US naval officer named Pinkerton. The ensuing three acts takes the audience on a roller coaster ride of emotions- all set to exquisite music.

ea1646black main image large“But what to wear?!” I hear you lovely ladies cry! Have no fear – Coleman Douglas Pearls are here for you! Our Madame Butterfly collection is not only perfect for an evening at the opera, these designs will see you through the summer and beyond. Incorporating a lot of gemstones, especially amethyst and prasiolite, with a mixture of peacock black freshwater pearls and pink freshwater pearls – this collection is sure to evoke an ambiance of the orient in your life.

468Find us at 42 Beauchamp Place, London where you can either escape the heat with some of our nice cold flavored water, or if it is one of our typical British torrential rain sort of summer days a delicious cup of tea/coffee! We are open from 11am-7pm Monday – Saturday and would be delighted to help you find your “Opera” look.

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