The Diamond Edit

neakdi_main_image_largeDiamonds and pearls have to be two of the most beautiful and recognizable gemstones. Here at Coleman Douglas Pearls we can’t get enough of them. Here is a blog post dedicated to the beautiful pairing.

For 1,000 years, starting in roughly the 4th century BC, India was the only source of diamonds. In 1725, important sources were discovered in Brazil, and in the 1870s major finds in South Africa marked a dramatic increase in the diamond supply. The stone’s name is derived from the Greek word adamas, which translates to “unconquerable”.

In ancient Rome, pearls were considered the ultimate symbol of wealth and social standing. The Greeks held the pearl in high esteem for both its unrivaled beauty and its association with love and marriage. Because pearls were (and are) so highly regarded, a number of European countries actually passed laws forbidding anyone but nobility to wear them, a bit like in the 18th century and beforehand when only royalty were seen with diamond engagement rings. ri1575_main_image_large_large

Putting these two gemstones together make for the absolute perfect engagement ring or gift for your loved one. They both represent eternal love and strength. As we adore pearls here at Coleman Douglas, we’ve got the most beautiful collections to show you. If you’ve got an idea in mind as to what you’re looking for (and you have some pearls in a locked drawer somewhere), bring them in and we’ll transform them into your perfect piece of jewellery.

Our Christmas Gift Guide

zPinkChampagneTruffleTree-PinkEarringsQuestionMarkShape_24404December is here and the festivities are really starting to get us all excited here at Coleman Douglas Pearls. Don’t worry if you haven’t finished your Christmas shopping yet you have come to the right place! We can help you find presents for everyone you are looking for and wrap them in our luxury Christmas gift wrap to take all the stress out of the way for you!

c SMALL Freshwater Double Drop earrings in grey £168First up are the girls in your life, whether it be your mum, wife, sister, daughter, girlfriend . . . we guarantee we have something to suit all ages and tastes. Our classic double strand necklace in white was featured this year in Vogue’s 100 year anniversary edition and is perfect for both younger and older ladies. Paired with our large joy of life earrings this is the perfect combination for that special lady in your life to find under the tree!

Pearl, Tourmaline and diamond Pendant £2273We also do great gifts for younger girls with our white freshwater drop pendant and our small pearl studs. These don’t just come in white – we have also got them in pink, grey, peacock black and copper so you can find the perfect pearl for your girl! If, however, you are needing to pull out ALL the stops this Christmas our cognac diamond and south sea pearl necklace is the gift for you! Stunning glittering diamonds in shades between yellow and brown reflect perfectly with our golden and white south sea pearls making this a truly special piece for a truly special girl.

b SMALL Freshwater pearl cufflinks on silver £151And here come the boys! Our For Him range has everything a discerning gentleman could want with a wide variety of cufflinks and tie pins (which us girls also like to steal now and then to put on our pashminas . . . shhhhh!) we will find the pearl for your guy. You can’t go wrong with one of our classic biwa pearl tie pins they work with literally everything! If you’re looking to add some glamour into you’re man’s life then look no further than these tahitian pearl cufflinks – the perfect addition for those special occasions.

Pop by our pearl jewellery store this December and try some of our delicious prestat truffles with your coffee/tea or even a glass of champagne – you will deserve it after completing all your Christmas shopping!

Award winning pearls

47b-webOur designer Chrissie Douglas has won numerous design awards since starting her career, especially in her Tahitian pearl designs. Chrissie’s aim has always been to offer an investment in style and value by utilising her expert pearl knowledge coupled with an excellent network of suppliers. Her innovative and fresh use of pearls with semi-precious stones and other more unusual materials like leather, silk gauze, wood and felt have produced unique designs.

Titania warrior pic2Out of all the ranges that Chrissie has designed our favourite for the winter has to be the Warrior pearl collection. This collection never goes out of fashion as it is so edgy it enables the wearer to go full on Rock Chick or just to slightly toughen up an otherwise girly outfit. Mainly made from knotted leather and Tahitian pearls this range sure knows how to make an impact. Wear the Tahitian Warrior armband and earrings with your most feminine outfit this Christmas party season and you will be guaranteed to wow your friends.

cog dia ss ne + macaroonOur fine jewellery range is also perfect for all the glitz and glam of this time of year. Enhance your natural sparkle with our cognac diamond and south sea necklace – a great transitional piece through the seasons picking up on the golds of Christmas but also delicate enough to wear in the spring and summer. Other great investment pieces include our Tahitian pearl, diamond and rainbow moonstone pendant and matching earrings. The moonstone has a gorgeous adularescence effect where the light travels across the gem changing its colour from apparently colourless to gorgeous blues.

590.Paul ViantFor other final flourishes to your party outfit please bring a photo of you wearing the outfit along to our showrooms where our pearl team can then source the perfect finishing item. Whether you choose to go for an amazing statement necklace or a classic pair of earrings, here at Coleman Douglas Pearls we’ll have the piece for you!

Diamond’s are Forever

We love diamonds here at Coleman Douglas Pearls it is the birthstone for those lucky enough to be born in April! Pearls and diamond are such a classic combination, we adore the pairing which exudes timeless elegance. We have a popular diamond and pearl range here at Coleman Douglas Pearls which includes pearl earrings similar to those worn by the Queen.

Diamond comes from the Greek “Adamas” meaning unbreakable, a fitting name for the hardest natural substance on Earth! Diamonds are made up of pure carbon and have been formed through ancient volcanic eruptions. There are four main categories when it comes to valuing your diamond, these are known as the 4 C’s; Colour, Clarity, Cut and Carat.

DiamondColourChartDiamond colour can result from a number of different processes, the most common is having Nitrogen as an impurity in the crystal structure. Nitrogen gives diamonds a yellow colour which can vary in intensity, so a grading scale was devised to grade diamonds so consumers knew the value of the stone. Diamond can be blue if boron is present in the crystal structure, or green if it has undergone radiation – either natural or artificial. Diamond can be brown, pink or red in colour if its structure has been subject to plastic deformation. Red is the rarest colour a diamond can be.


The amount of inclusions a diamond does or does not have is known as it’s clarity. The less inclusions a diamond has increases its beauty therefore making it a rarer stone. Like with colour grading a scale was introduced to aide consumers when buying diamonds. All diamonds used in our designs are G in colour and VS clarity.

Diamond cutsDiamond can be cut into many different shapes the most common being the classic round brilliant cut, Baguette or emerald cut, and the square princess cut. The last category is diamond carat or how large a diamond is. If all other categories are equal a larger diamond will be more valuable due to its increased rarity as large diamonds are less common than smaller ones.

ea1594grey Non Swirl LargeOur pearl jewellery store in Beauchamp Place is open Monday-Saturday, 11am-7pm and if you pop in one of our team will be on hand to show you our stock or talk through designing a bespoke piece with you. We also run a range of pearl and gemstone talks throughout the year – please enquire about booking a place.

The Diamond Factor

‘Diamonds are forever’… unless it’s not a diamond!!
But how can you tell?
The Pearl Team at Coleman Douglas Pearls shares a few basic points to bear in mind when shopping for diamonds.
The best way to find out if a diamond is genuine or not is by trying to scratch it, heating it or looking at it through a microscope. Although these pointers are great, they aren’t the most practical when purchasing a stone…no retailer will thank you for scratching their stones, heating them up or getting out a huge microscope from your handbag and checking them out on the shop floor! …a jeweller’s loop would be better!
Diamonds 2
Fortunately there are 3 more subtle ways of finding out the million dollar questions.


Resting Soothes Everyone

Diamonds 3
When looking at a real diamond you should not be able to see through it, this is because of the way that diamonds refract and bend the light, giving the stone a beautiful sparkle.
When looking at cubic zirconia (CZ), glass or quartz stones, they too will have a sparkle, but it will never match up to the brilliance of a diamond.

diamond 3Sparkle:
Take your diamond into the light and see what it looks like. A real diamond should have a white sparkle throwing off a few flashes of colour known as fire. A high quality diamond will sparkle with a grey and white colour known as brilliance.

Chrissie PrlSpec
If you are ever in doubt about the stone seek an expert.
But if you don’t have time for that take a long hard look at how it sparkles.

‘We are all stars and we deserve to twinkle’ – Marilyn Monroe