Water for hot chocolate

Hot chocolate blog final
In the Autumn we, Coleman Douglas Pearls, will be launching our latest collection “Water For Hot Chocolate”, pairing gorgeous copper brown pearls with smoky quartz and citrine, making the designs so enticing you’re bound to have chocolate cravings!
So with that in mind our pearl team have decided to fully embrace the cravings and are going to talk about all things chocolate!

Chocolate_Olympia_Other_0Being three dedicated chocoholics we could think of nothing better than attending The Chocolate Show in October. Running from 16th -18th October at London Olympia get ready to loosen those waist belts and delve into the wonderful world of chocolate with famous chefs, free tasters and a fabulous chocolate fashion show!

prestat hot chocolateIf you can’t wait until October to get your chocolate fix we recommend a good dose of copper pearls and a trip to ‘Chocolatiers to the Queen’ – Prestat. Not only does Prestat produce the most INCREDIBLE truffles in all sorts of fun flavours they also do an incredibly indulgent hot chocolate range! Keep your eyes peeled for our next news update which will surely tempt you chocoholics this upcoming season . . . . .

Whilst the remainder of the summer sun lasts we will try and resist temptation and stick to the fruit at our Pearl Jewellery store. However, as soon as the leaves start to turn and the jumpers go back on we know our faithful friend will be there waiting for us!

Sparkling Sapphire

S Sapp
Stunning September Sapphires! Coleman Douglas Pearls love a good bit of mid month alliteration! During the Medieval Ages, European lapidaries started calling blue corundum crystal “sapphire”, a derivative of the Latin word for blue: “sapphirus”. Despite the reasoning behind the name, this stone is actually so much more than the traditional shades of blue. Yes, blue sets off pearls beautifully, from White South Sea pearls through to Tahitian pearls, with the palest cornflower hues to deep Kashimir blues, all matching elegantly with pearls. However, sapphire is the popular name given to the mineral corundum which actually comes in a full rainbow of colours.

IMG_4285aeThe word sapphire without a prefix, implies blue only. Sapphires of all other colors are assigned a color prefix (Green Sapphire, Yellow Sapphire etc) or are collectively termed fancy sapphires. If the color is red, it is a “ruby.” Like ruby the most important factor to consider when looking at sapphires of any colour is their hue.
A strong colour is desirable, not too pale and not too dark, with inclusion being not as important in comparison. You can often see colour zoning in sapphires where bands of colour are stronger in some places in the stone than others.

star sapphireAsterism or the “star effect” is a reflection effect that appears as two or more intersecting bands of light across the surface of a gem.  Asterism in sapphires is due to reflections from multitudes of exsolved needle inclusions (silk), which in most varieties consist of rutile and/or hematite. Asterism is rare with the largest star sapphire weighing 1,404.49 carats and would cost you around $300million. So not much then…

no (24)e
Famous sapphires include the Duchess of Cambridge’s engagement ring, formerly belonging to Princess Diana.
Here at our pearl jewellery store we also have a selection of sapphire rings, either for you to give to the ‘Kate’ in your life, or if you just fancy a treat as its Monday! We are open Monday – Saturday from 11am – 7pm so please pop in and have a look.

The Last Pearl Fisher of Scotland

the_last_pearl_fisher_of_scotland_web_image_grandeWhat a name for a novel! Our very own Chrissie Douglas (pearl specialist and head designer of Coleman Douglas Pearls) has worked alongside Julia Stuart (bestselling author of Balthazar Jones and the Tower of London Zoo) to help unfold the secrets of Scottish pearls for Julia’s new novel, The Last Pearl Fisher of Scotland.

The story is of one man’s quest to find a pearl to help save his marriage. Being the last expert in the ancient art of pearl fishing, he’s on a quest to track down the pearl that will complete a necklace for his wife, Elspeth, convinced that the love token will save their marriage. But Scotland’s rivers are running out of mussels, Elspeth is running out of patience, and their daughter, Maggie, is running wild with her mustachioed pet rabbit. When Maggie takes matters into her own hands, determined to keep the family together, the McBrides (a fantastic Scottish name!) are soon at the centre of international commotion that will change everyone’s lives forever.

FWLrg main image Large

Coleman Douglas ‘Single Strand Freshwater Pearl‘ necklace

The Last Pearl Fisher of Scotland has already had rave reviews. Not only is it a beautiful story, it is filled with fascinating and detailed knowledge on Scottish natural pearls and the ancient way of finding them. Julia Stuart is a writer who completely takes her readers into other worlds and does so by keeping true to her subject matters. Having asked our Pearl Specialist to advice her, which of course Chrissie was extremely happy to oblige, The Last Pearl Fisher of Scotland is a novel filled with enchanting insights into the world of pearls. We won’t spoil the story by telling you some of the secrets because it’s all in the romance of this charming story and Julia’s wonderful way of telling it. Go and buy yourself a copy, it’s a lovely, funny and original novel that is certainly a ‘must read’.

Oh, and if you fancy owning your own pearl necklace have a peek through our pearl collections or stop by our showroom in Knightsbridge. We’d love to have a chat about the book over a coffee and you might even be able to meet Chrissie, CDP’s pearl specialist and designer extraordinaire.

BBC Prom in the Park

bbc promsThe end of summer is officially coming to a close. School is about to start, the nights are definitely shorter. But fear not your summer pearls can have one last hurrah as next week is the last night of the proms – the prefect excuse to wear your Coleman Douglas Pearls necklace to see summer off with a bang!

DSC_8631eeThe BBC Proms are an eight week annual event running throughout the summer season with a classical music concert put on every day mainly in the stunning Royal Albert Hall but also a few chamber concerts at Cadogan Hall and outside events in parks across the UK. The proms were founded in 1895 and is short for Promenade Concert referring to the outdoor concerts in London’s pleasure gardens where people could walk around whilst the orchestra was playing!

IMG_8330aaeThese days its a hard fought battle to get your pearls to the prom! Either you are lucky enough to get seated tickets or have season tickets but if your feeling energetic you can also stand. Promming is where you use the standing areas inside the hall where ticket prices are much lower than for the reserved seating. Single-concert standing Promming tickets can be bought only on the day of the concert, which can give rise to the famous long queues for well-known artists or works (us British do love a good queue!).

DSC_8692aeEither you are able to give your pearls an outing to the Royal Albert Hall (you lucky thing!) or maybe you are planning on going to watch it in Hyde Park? Our Pearl Team also would recommend throwing a Proms party – invite all you nearest and dearest (dress code black tie and pearls obviously . . .) pop on the TV and watch the magic unfold from the comfort of your own home!

If you do throw a Pearls at the Prom party please let us know through our social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!


Back to School!

ea1648Blk+Aqoriginal white background
The final throws of summer holidays are upon us but back to school needn’t mean doom and gloom! Coleman Douglas Pearls are trying desperately hard to not get carried away buying all the fabulous stationary in the shops . . . . We will have to settle for our colourful pearls instead of pens!

pearl alice band back to school blogA new school year was the perfect chance for a new look when we were young, but why should the kids have all the fun?! The Autumn/Winter 16 trends were so varied there was the perfect look for everyone. Firstly, ‘alice bands’ are no longer for just your daughters! Embrace the easy elegance like Kate and the rest of the ‘fashion’ pack and banish those pesky kirby grips to the bathroom cabinet and wear our pearl tiara instead of a boring black number.

Cinderella 4

vogue autumn trends waterproofNext to be dug out of the wardrobe and reinvented is the waterproof jacket. Catwalks rarely combine fashion with comfort and practicality so make the most of this sporty trend this winter! Either dig out your “retro” waterproof (remember the one you bought years ago for it to be banished under the stairs…) or invest in a brightly coloured new one to chase away the grey. Here’s to looking forward to a winter downpour that doesn’t end in your umbrella turning inside out!

And if all else fails back to school means that you no longer have to think up increasingly more difficult ways to entertain the children. With all your time back you may be looking for some me time so pop on down to our pearl jewellery store! We have put the coffee machine ON in anticipation . . . .



Notting Hill Carnival

notting hill carnival
Can someone please tell our Pearl Team where the year has gone?! With the end of summer spectacular that is the Notting Hill Carnival already upon us it is only a matter of time before we are plagued with jingling of bells and the murmurs of *cough* Christmas *cough*. But enough of that for now and back to the summer spirit!

Pearl Family 4Held in August every year the Notting Hill Carnival is renowned as Europe’s biggest street party and originated in 1964 as a way for Afro-Caribbean communities to celebrate their own cultures and traditions. Livening up the August Bank Holiday weekend in the streets of London W11, the Carnival is an amazing array of colourful sights and sounds as well as the most amazing feeling of inclusion and social solidarity.

carnival blogchristmas Pearl & Leather Braceletswomen-pearl-dress-notting-hill-carnival-20875296The carnivals roots itself in early 19th century Caribbean culture where it was a particularly strong tradition especially in Trinidad. These carnivals were all about celebrating the abolition of slavery and the slave trade. The very first carnival in Notting Hill was an attempt to showcase the steel band musicians who played in the Earls Court of London every Weekend. When the bands paraded through the streets of Notting Hill, they drew black residents out on to the streets, reminding them of the Caribbean homes they had left behind.

Con dia NEThe most spectacular aspect of the carnival, however, has to be the incredible outfits! The riot of colour, sequins and more often than not pearls that adorn the gorgeous women is truly a sight to behold. Make everyday your carnival by donning your pearls and sequins and lap up the last of the summer sun. Our Pearl jewellery store is open Monday – Saturday from 11am-7pm and we also offer a bespoke design service. Please phone 0207 373 3369 to book an appointment with our pearl designer Chrissie Douglas.

Perfect Peridot

PeridotThis month’s birthstone is the peridot! Coleman Douglas Pearls believe that it is perfect stone for August with its green-yellowy colour just screaming summer. The name peridot has two possible origins either from the Arabic “Faridat” meaning gem or from the Anglo-Norman “pedoretes” meaning “a kind of opal”. Peridot is found in volcanic rocks as it is gem quality olivine with the most valuable hue being a dark olive green.

Peridot (2)Peridot is usually associated with light with the ancient Egyptians referring to its as the “gem of the sun” and has also been use as protection for nightmares. These nightmares are most likely from the island where the Egyptians were mining as legend has it that it was snake infested! Peridot’s have historically been confused with many different gems commonly topaz and emerald. It is possible that Cleopatra’s famed emerald collection could have actually been peridot. The 200ct gems in the shrine of the Three Holy Kings in Cologne Cathedral were believed to be emeralds for centuries until it was discovered they were actually peridots.

Peridot ne1723green
Peridots have a hardness of 6.5-7 on the Moh’s scale of hardness meaning that although they are by no means the hardest of gemstones it is durable enough for jewellery and the perfect partner for pearls! We have a good selection of peridot jewellery in our pearl jewellery store as well as our “Fruits of the Forest” range online.

Our pearl team can also create the perfect peridot creation for you with our bespoke design service. Either we can re-work a piece of your old jewellery or can try and bring your imagined design to life. We are open Monday to Saturday from 11am-7pm.

Rio Olympics 2016

rio 2016The Olympics have arrived!! Four years after London hosted the 2012 (cough “best” cough) games, all of us here at Coleman Douglas Pearls can’t believe its four years later and are ready for the Rio party! After watching the amazing opening ceremony we couldn’t help but keep our eyes peeled to see a few of the athletes rocking their pearls!

Jessica eniis and missy franklin

Hopefully emulating some of their 2012 success are GB heptathlete Jessica Ennis Hill (who chose pearls for her wedding day) and USA swimmer Missy Franklin who is rarely seen without her pearl studs – even when in the pool! And with Brazil being the birthplace of many a top model (especially Gisele strutting her stuff at the opening ceremony!)  it is likely Rio will be one of the most fashionable Olympics ever! We will have our fingers crossed that pearls will be winning gold more than once!

Beach East 3If your looking for a sociable way to enjoy the Olympics why not try BeachEast at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. The largest urban beach in the UK is returning with a Copacabana feel! As one of TeamGB’s official fan zones they will be broadcasting live coverage of the games and offering you a chance to take part in some of the sports that the athletes are competing in.


The party atmosphere also got us thinking – what pearls would you wear to the Brazilian fiesta? This south sea and tourmaline necklace has to be worth considering, with its bright colours and happy pearl drop you can’t go wrong wearing this to samba the night away.

Summer Holiday’s

The summer is here which can mean only one thing – HOLIDAY’S!! Relaxing under the hot sun with the sea gently lapping in the background and a cold cocktail in hand, is there anything better?! How about lying on your lounger draped in pearls? Sounding better? Well you have come to the right place at Coleman Douglas Pearls we can help you find your perfect holiday look.

beach babeLook number 1: The Beach Babe. Never happier than when she is by the water this girl needs pearls that take her from sunrise-sunset effortlessly. Our Amber and Pearl Lasso is a multi look must have! Its versatility allows for many different outfit options. Going somewhere where a more dramatic look is needed try our 4 strand biwa pearl choker and we guarantee all eyes will be on you at the post beach party! If your looking for a simpler option this tahitian pearl and amber necklace is the one for you. Exuding boho beach style this simple necklace will easily take you from beach to bar.

city girlLook Number 2: The City Explorer. The ultimate culture vulture, the city explorer loves to learn. Whether or not she is taking in ancient architecture, art or just immersing herself into local culture she needs a look that reflects the stylish places she visits. When packing for a city break neutral versatile wardrobe options are best to mix and match together creating many looks from just a few items. Add a splash of colour to your outfit with our South Sea pearl and tourmaline necklace, perfect to brighten up any day! For everyday luxury nothing can beat our Tahitian double pearl earrings – the perfect compliment to every outfit. Again multi wear pieces are key to packing light to fit everything into your carry on! Enter our simple triple strand lariat which you can wear not only in multiple ways as a pearl necklace, but also as a scarf, belt – the list goes on, truly a girls best friend!

adrenaline girlLook Number 3: The Adrenaline Junkie. Can never sit still and is always on the go the adrenaline junkie loves an adventure. From hiking and biking holidays to surfing or kayaking this girl needs pearls that can keep up! Enter our simple yet beautiful pieces that can keep going for as long as you can. First up is our Tahitian warrior pearl bracelet, perfect to toughen up any outfit. Then we have the trusty basics our freshwater pearl studs have been put to the test and truly are the perfect everyday adventure earring! Lastly but by no means least comes our Freshwater pearl drop necklace this simple stunner is the perfect addition to any outfit.

If you need anymore help for your summer essentials pop into our London pearl jewellery store where we will be more than happy to help find the perfect piece for you!

Happy Packing!


Golden Summertime

South Sea Golden Pearl Strands2Golden south sea pearls are set to be a big hit this summer at Coleman Douglas Pearls! With their range of summery yellow and golden hues these pearl collections will be with you every step of this exciting summer. These pearls just exude a flame-like warmth perfect as this summer marks the 350th anniversary of the Great Fire of London! In honour of this the Museum of London are putting on an exhibition of rarely seen artifacts, as well as an impressive hands on area where people can see what London was like before, during and after the fire.

curesd-childIf your pearls aren’t bringing enough magic into your life then this summer (which we doubt will be the case!) JK Rowling has the answer – her eighth installment of the Harry Potter Franchise! Set 19 years after Harry and Co were students at Hogwarts this new play will incorporate all your old favourite characters alongside some new ones. If you weren’t lucky enough to get tickets to the West End show a book of the play is going to be released at the end of July. . . .

olympic slideAnd if all this nostalgia is making you feel like a child again then fear not – the Belgian artist Carsten Holler has just the activity for you. Kicking off the Olympic 2016 excitement is a brand new installation at the 2012 Olympic Park. The infamous Olympic sculpture (The Helter Skelter) has been converted into the worlds longest and tallest slide – the perfect activity for children of all ages!

cogdiaOur Pearl team still think the best way to make your summer golden is with pearls so pop in to our London pearl jewellery showroom to find the perfect coloured pearl for you. We are also crossing our fingers for all the athletes heading to Rio that their summer will also be golden.