Sparkling Sapphire

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Stunning September Sapphires! Coleman Douglas Pearls love a good bit of mid month alliteration! During the Medieval Ages, European lapidaries started calling blue corundum crystal “sapphire”, a derivative of the Latin word for blue: “sapphirus”. Despite the reasoning behind the name, this stone is actually so much more than the traditional shades of blue. Yes, blue sets off pearls beautifully, from White South Sea pearls through to Tahitian pearls, with the palest cornflower hues to deep Kashimir blues, all matching elegantly with pearls. However, sapphire is the popular name given to the mineral corundum which actually comes in a full rainbow of colours.

IMG_4285aeThe word sapphire without a prefix, implies blue only. Sapphires of all other colors are assigned a color prefix (Green Sapphire, Yellow Sapphire etc) or are collectively termed fancy sapphires. If the color is red, it is a “ruby.” Like ruby the most important factor to consider when looking at sapphires of any colour is their hue.
A strong colour is desirable, not too pale and not too dark, with inclusion being not as important in comparison. You can often see colour zoning in sapphires where bands of colour are stronger in some places in the stone than others.

star sapphireAsterism or the “star effect” is a reflection effect that appears as two or more intersecting bands of light across the surface of a gem.  Asterism in sapphires is due to reflections from multitudes of exsolved needle inclusions (silk), which in most varieties consist of rutile and/or hematite. Asterism is rare with the largest star sapphire weighing 1,404.49 carats and would cost you around $300million. So not much then…

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Famous sapphires include the Duchess of Cambridge’s engagement ring, formerly belonging to Princess Diana.
Here at our pearl jewellery store we also have a selection of sapphire rings, either for you to give to the ‘Kate’ in your life, or if you just fancy a treat as its Monday! We are open Monday – Saturday from 11am – 7pm so please pop in and have a look.

Back to School!

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The final throws of summer holidays are upon us but back to school needn’t mean doom and gloom! Coleman Douglas Pearls are trying desperately hard to not get carried away buying all the fabulous stationary in the shops . . . . We will have to settle for our colourful pearls instead of pens!

pearl alice band back to school blogA new school year was the perfect chance for a new look when we were young, but why should the kids have all the fun?! The Autumn/Winter 16 trends were so varied there was the perfect look for everyone. Firstly, ‘alice bands’ are no longer for just your daughters! Embrace the easy elegance like Kate and the rest of the ‘fashion’ pack and banish those pesky kirby grips to the bathroom cabinet and wear our pearl tiara instead of a boring black number.

Cinderella 4

vogue autumn trends waterproofNext to be dug out of the wardrobe and reinvented is the waterproof jacket. Catwalks rarely combine fashion with comfort and practicality so make the most of this sporty trend this winter! Either dig out your “retro” waterproof (remember the one you bought years ago for it to be banished under the stairs…) or invest in a brightly coloured new one to chase away the grey. Here’s to looking forward to a winter downpour that doesn’t end in your umbrella turning inside out!

And if all else fails back to school means that you no longer have to think up increasingly more difficult ways to entertain the children. With all your time back you may be looking for some me time so pop on down to our pearl jewellery store! We have put the coffee machine ON in anticipation . . . .



Royals, Pearls, Football and Father’s Day…Are you ready?!

Get the i-Planner at the ready for we are about to tell you the hottest events happening this weekend!
For the ladies…a Royal Party followed by a period drama film, ‘Belle’.
For the men…the World Cup and Father’s Day!
For everyone…SUNSHINE!Trooping the Colour

If you have been anywhere around Hyde Park or Horse Guards Parade recently then you will have seen a continuous stream of soldiers on and off horseback practicing several impressive choreographed mass-marching maneuvers.

What’s it all in aid of?
The Queen’s Birthday…Trooping The Colour.

trooping the colour 2We are in for a magnificent array of spectacular pearl jewellery on several members of the royal family, with The Queen wearing her double pearl strand necklace and pearl studs, The Duchess of Cornwall wearing her multistrand pearl choker and The Duchess of Cambridge wearing pearl drops.

If you would like to see the parade but didn’t manage to purchase a ticket, then I recommend going to St James’s Park where you will be able to see the troops and royal family go by as well as hearing the military bands.

BelleNeed shelter from the sun? Pop into cineworld and watch the new period drama film ‘Belle‘. Based on the inspiring true story of Dido Belle, the only mixed-race aristocrat in 1700s London.
The film follows the life of Belle, will she be able to marry the man of her dreams? and which way will her great uncle, the nation’s top judge Lord Mansfield, rule in a case that will have implications for whether slaves are considered as cargo or human beings.
Throughout the film our Heroine, as well as several other characters, is seen wearing her pearl necklace and pearl earrings.

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Desire your own pearl jewellery?

Call into our Pearl Showroom, located at 42 Beauchamp Place, London, SW3 1NX, where a member of our Pearl Team will help you discover the pearls of your dreams.

The World Cup…England is playing tonight against Italy…You might want to stay away from your local if wanting a quiet drink!

Father’s Day is TOMORROW!cu1262 grey
If you have just remembered this do not panic. Our Pearl Showroom is open till 7pm tonight so there is still time to buy him a gift.
Perhaps a pair of our Pearl Cufflinks?
For more Father’s Day gift suggestions check out our Pearls For Men collection.

However you decide to fill your weekend we suggest lathering on the sun cream…no one likes a lobster face!