It’s Jubilee Time!

The QueenWith this momentous occasion coming up what better way to remember it then by buying a strand of the Queens favourite precious gem……..Pearls!
If you look at photographs of the Queen, you nearly always see her wearing pearls.
Her 3 strand Natural Pearl necklace is a firm favourite having been given to her by her late father several years back. Another favourite is her large pearl studs with delicate diamond detail.
Coleman Douglas Pearls
If you would like to get this look without ‘breaking the bank’ then you are in luck!
Our stunning 3 strand freshwater pearl necklace is a beautiful addition to any outfit.
You can wear this necklace in 2 different ways.
Twisted or non twisted.
By twisting the pearl necklace it makes it look slightly more casual without loosing the elegance of the pearls.

Coleman Douglas PearlsWe also have stunning pearl studs with diamond details, similar to the Queens.
These beautiful South Sea Pearl studs are the perfect accessory to every outfit.
Mounted onto 18ct white gold with a ‘Jubilee’ diamond, these earrings are a great way to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee.

Here at Coleman Douglas Pearls we hope that you have a fabulous time celebrating the Diamond Jubilee.

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