Just Natural Pearls ?

Coleman Douglas PearlsColeman Douglas Pearls has been front row for several momentous occasions here in London over the past year.
From The Queens Diamond Jubilee where pearls were plentiful, to CDP hosting the Olympic Torch for over a month!
Union Jack flags have been flying everywhere! With our national pride at its highest level for quite some time.

And it’s not surprising as we are GREAT Britain!!!!

You might be surprised to hear that you can still find Natural Pearls on our shorelines. However in the past, due to the lack of pearl fishing laws,  the number of natural pearls on our shores dwindled.
Abernathy Pearl
The most recently discovered famous pearl found on our shores is the Abernethy Pearl.
It is a perfectly round, white Scottish Natural Freshwater pearl weighing 2.225 grams and was found in the backwater of the river Tay in 1967 by Bill Abernethy.

Coleman Douglas PearlsIf you would like to purchase some Natural Pearls please come along to our Pearl Showroom where Chrissie Douglas, our In-House Pearl Specialist and Designer, will help you discover your dream pearl jewellery.
We also have many other exquisite pearl collections in our Pearl showroom. With 98% of all our jewellery handmade and designed in our London studio.

However, if you would like a ‘one of a kind’ item of jewellery then come and use our fabulous Bespoke Service. Sit down with our talented Designer and begin to create jewellery of legends!

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