Coleman Douglas Pearls
In the yummy image above you can see several ‘delicious’ pearl earrings, pearl necklaces, pearl bracelets, pearl cufflinks, pearl rings, pearl tie pins and yet more pearls! Well we are rather passionate about them!
So the clocks go back tonight and the chill of the air is biting at our heals so let me reveal the best beauty tip of all time……PEARLS!

Coleman Douglas PearlsLight is absorbed into the pearls then reflected out onto the wearer’s face above. The subtle ‘up light’ glow from the Pearls transforms the face above, making it look like the lady is ‘Glowing’.
When purchasing Pearls there are several points to consider.
Thickness of nacre
Surface perfection

If you take into account all of the above points with Luster being the most important and Size being the least, you should be able to find your perfect ‘Glowing’ Pearls.

Coleman Douglas PearlsNow that you have your pearls, how do you protect a Pearls beauty?
Well one of the best ways to preserve the beauty is by wearing them next to your skin, as your natural oils keep the pearls moist.
It is hardly surprising to find out that Pearls can be affected by cosmetics, fake tanning products, perfume and hairsprays, as these will dry them out like they dry out your skin.

Coleman Douglas Pearls - Travel BagThe best way to store you pearls is in silk or chamois leather as this conserves their luster. Plastic containers/bags are one of the worst places to store your pearls as they do not allow the air to circulate, eventually dulling the pearl luster. You must always keep pearls protected from diamonds and other gemstones as they will scratch the delicate surface of the pearls.

If you would like to purchase Coleman Douglas Pearlssome beautiful pearls pop into our Pearl Showroom where our Team will be happy to help you find the perfect pearl jewellery. The picture on the right shows a close-up of our yummy chocolate window with cream, copper and grey pearls.

Coleman Douglas PearlsWe also host wonderful Pearl Talks where you will be educated all about the history of pearls by our In-House Pearl Specialist, Chrissie Douglas. Born in Mexico, she has always had a passion for pearls.
Her favourite necklace this week is ‘Happy’. This necklace is made up of Tourmaline Briolettes and a highly lustrous South Sea Pearl pendant.

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