FebruaryFabulous, Fresh and Free! 3 things that most people aspire to be.
Our Coleman Douglas Pearls London Team have been busy getting together the ingredients to help you on your way to a F.F.F February!
The 3 main ingredients?
Pearls, Acai Berries and Pearlspearls are doubly important which is why they have been included twice!

F.W 1920s NE
So why are pearls so important in making you feel Fabulous?
It’s all to do with light refraction. Have you ever noticed how a girl looks instantly brighter once a strand of pearls has been placed around her neck? This is down to the light refracting around the pearl before reflecting back out onto the wearers face… It’s the best kept beauty secret of all time! And let’s be honest, if you look great, you will feel FABULOUS!

‘I love the fact that the pearl lustre makes their wearer automatically look radiant.’ – Chrissie Douglas

February 2To feel Fresh you need to start on the inside, which is why we recommend the Acai berry.
(Ahh-sah-ee) is a Brazilian berry which is rich in antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and healthy fats, and …it tastes delicious! Taking the frozen pulp of the acai berry, blend it with frozen fruits and coconut milk to make a huge bowl of scoopable, ice-cream-like consistency goodness. The perfect sweet craving treat that is not only healthy but also filling.

Titania warrior pic2
Now lets look at the Free factor…Free from Fashion Faux pas!
Pearls are a timeless gem that have been seen on numerous catwalks throughout the centuries, and are as popular now as they were in the time of Cleopatra, with celebrities such as Marilyn Monroe, Grace Kelly, Princess Diana, Michelle Obama, Grace Jones, Angelina Jolie, Emma Watson, Rihanna, Kate Perry, Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lawrence, Karl Lagerfeld and Pierce Brosnan to name but a few, all wearing pearls!

Pearls play the same role in women’s jewellery collections that the little black dress does in their wardrobes – it is the all-time classic.’ – Lucia van der Post. FT How To Spend It
Easter 4
So now you know how to attack February, have fun with it!

Get Your Fashion Armour On

cold‘It’s cold’… a statement that we British seem to be saying at an alarming rate!
So how can you stay looking chic while wearing polo-necked jumpers, gloves and woolly hats?!
The answer is… PEARLS
‘When I’m cold I just put another rope of pearls on.’ – Dorothy Parker

Our pearl team have put together a few winter essential pearl accessories for every chic, modern girl.

lauren Balcall 3
Now where would a girl be without a multi-strand pearl rope, recently seen in the Chanel fashion show.
This versatile, glamorous necklace can be worn in over 10 different ways allowing you to effortlessly dress up or down.

BR285 WHITELike wonder woman, a large cuff is needed, and our Pearl Company have just the one. Made up of 14 white freshwater pearl strands held together by 3 sterling silver struts, this cuff means business! Wear yours over a long sleeved plain top for instant glamour.Myth Freshwater pearl tie pin

Needing a pin to hold your scarf in place?
How about one of our eye-catching freshwater pearl pin.  The sterling silver pin has a delicate twist detail that mimics the texture of the freshwater pearl. The pin is practical and beautiful, an essential for the wardrobe!

Mothers Day FW studsWhen it comes to earrings you can never go wrong with a pair of pearl studs. This January our Pearl Team would suggest a pair of large freshwater pearl white studs. Big enough to get noticed, yet timeless so it will always be appropriate, pearl studs will never let you down.
Angelina Jolie 2
Just check out Angelina Jolie who wears her pearl studs to premieres, when she is relaxing at home, conferences, and even her own wedding!

Fancy more ideas? Call into our Pearl Showroom, located at 42 Beauchamp Place, London, SW3 1NX, where we have draws and cabinets full of pearl jewellery to kit you out this season.


The sun is out, the bells are ringing, the congregation are in their pews, and the Groom is waiting with nervous anticipation at the front of church to see his radiant Bride.
Slowly the music begins as the beauty dressed in all white/ivory floats towards her beaming husband to be, while gasps from the congregation and overheard mutterings about how beautiful she looks are heard…
The Wedding Begins!
Are you engaged to be married? Valentines 4Is your Wedding Pinterest board filled to the overflow with ideas?
Our Pearl Company have put together a selection of pearl treats that will look perfect with your wedding outfit, no matter what the style.

‘Pearls are the secret weapon when wanting to look elegantly understated.’ – Chrissie Douglas

1833EA diam huggiesEvery girl wants to feel like a Princess on her wedding day, so why not look like one too!
The Duchess of Cambridge highly favors her petite diamond huggies with detachable pearl drop, giving you several different styles in one.
Then again perhaps you would prefer to join Hollywood Royals wearing large classic pearl studs like Angelina Jolie and Amal Clooney.

140 Akoya
Depending on the neckline of the dress you may desire a necklace to complete the look.
One of our most popular designs for weddings is our ‘Lace’ necklace which is made up of a multitude of white freshwater pearls woven together.
Prefer a pendant? Why not opt of our freshwater pearl drop pendant fixed onto a sterling silver optional length chain.

Christmas 2014 2Will you be having some flower girls? If you are we have the ideal pearl accessory for them…a ribbon and freshwater pearl spacer. The girls can wear them in their hair, as a necklace or bracelet.

Needing more jewellery ideas? Scroll through our London Pearl website where you’re certain to find the perfect accessories for your Big Day.

Our Pearl Company will be closed for 2 weeks starting Sunday 16th August till Tuesday 1st September. We look forward to seeing you soon.

Fashion…Scribble Mania!

ChildrenDid you used to be a budding artist when you were younger?
Perhaps your mother, in her kind and encouraging way, framed several of your ‘master pieces’ so that friends and family could admire your creations. But now when you look back you realise that perhaps some of the pictures acted as more of a comedy prop rather than a beautiful piece of artwork!!
…See image above entitled, ‘Portrait of Family’, …the artist has requested to remain nameless!
If this scenario sounds familiar then you might be interested to know that these pictures are now becoming highly sought after in the fashion world!
Our Pearl Company team in London has selected their top 3 favorite outfits that include Children prints…would you wear them?!

Children1Helen Mirren isn’t one to shy away from new fashion trends and fun playful designs, therefore when she stepped out wearing her Dolce & Gabbana dress adorned with children’s scribbles, I mean master pieces, it seemed almost ‘normal’!
We loved the bright colours used, and the shimmer of the satin which almost made the paintings look like they were still drying! The highlight for us was the fact that she teamed this playful dress up with a timeless classic long rope of pearls and elegant bag, that almost looked like she had just raided her mothers accessory collection!

Another celebrity who went that extra step further than Mirren was Angelina Jolie, who famously wore a Wedding dress with her children’s drawings included in the dress and veil material.

The dedicated mother of six accessorised her dress with her large pearl stud earrings.

…there is a distinct Pearl Jewellery accessory trend here…

The final dress we had to highlight was seen on Diane Kruger.
Our Pearl Company loved the simple line of the dress teamed up with the monochrome children’s scribble print.
Oh and please note the delicate peacock black pearl studs she is wearing!

So the big question is… Will you allow your children to draw on your clothes AND do you need some pearl accessories to accompany the outfit?!

Mega Mum!

Mum Day
She cleans, cooks, cares, listens, and gives advice.
Who is she?
Your mum!
As Mother’s Day is only a week away the Coleman Douglas Pearl Team have put together a few helpful pearl gift suggestions that every Mum will love, for not all Mum’s like chocolate!

FWMed Prl NE
If she doesn’t have a single strand pearl necklace yet, then deciding what to buy her for Mother’s Day has just got a lot easier!

A favorite with royals, Members of Parliament, actresses and pop stars, the classic pearl necklace is a must! To be more specific, our large Freshwater Pearl necklace with sterling silver ball clasp.
Mum Day 2
For the Mum who loves earrings our delicate pearl drop earrings would work perfectly with her busy schedule. Easily dressed up or down these earrings are perfect for every occasion, from black tie events to doing the school run.
Let her join fellow ‘Yummy Mummies’, Angelina JolieSophie Cumberbatch and Keira Knightley wearing pearl earrings.

Christmas 2014 3
Looking for that little something to add colour to her wardrobe?

Our colourful ‘Light as a Feather’ freshwater pearl bracelets come in a range of colours from black to pink, and green to blue.

627 tahitian strands 2
So now that you have the gift for your Mum, how about treating her to an evening event where she can ‘show off’ her pearl jewellery? Might I suggest coming along to one of our Pearl Talks?
Happening throughout the year at our London Pearl Showroom, sip champagne while Chrissie Douglas, our Pearl Specialist, shares her passion for pearls, explains how and where they are made, the different types available, how to tell if a pearl is real, and much more.

We look forward to celebrating Mother’s Day with you!

The Golden Globe Awards

golden globes 1
The red carpet is being prepared, outfits are being perfected and actors and actresses wait anxiously to hear if they will win a Golden Globe tomorrow.
Best Lead Actor, Best Lead Actress, Best this and Best that!
While several people will be wondering who will win what, our Pearl Team and the majority of the world will have eyes eagerly fixed on The Red Carpet, who will wear what? Will pearl jewellery be ‘hot’ on the carpet again this year?!
From pearl encrusted torsos and faces (Lady Gaga!), to pearl earrings and pearl necklaces… celebrities love wearing their Pearls on The Red Carpet!

golden globes 2Our 2 favourite looks from last year were seen on Lupita Nyong’o – lead actress from “12 Years A Slave”, and Cate Blanchett.

Lupita Nyong’o chose to wear an eye-catching plain scarlet cape dress with classic pearl studs and pearl cluster rings. While Cate Blanchett opted for a delicate black lace fitted gown with a high neck line and capped sleeves.

Fancy their accessories?

Golden GlobesPearl studs:
This timeless classic accessory is an essential for every girl. Available in a range of different pearl sizes and colours you are bound to find the perfect pearl studs for you.
One celebrity who is seen in her studs nearly all the time is Angelina Jolie. Other celebrities include Rihanna, Keira Knightley and Jennifer Lawrence, to name only a few!

Pearl statement ringGolden Globe 4
Why only wear precious stones OR pearls when you can wear both!
Our statement pearl rings are set on 18ct gold with a semi-precious stone set next to either a Tahitian or South Sea pearl.

1718 dia leaf and SSprl
Diamond earrings
Many celebrities go for either diamond studs or drops. Why not have both with our diamond leaf and South Sea pearl earrings. With a hidden drop attachment at the back of the studs you can add a variety of different pearl drops to give yourself several looks for the price of 1!

Prefer to set the trend? Golden Globe 5

Make an appointment with our Pearl Specialist and Designer, Chrissie Douglas and begin to create bespoke show stopping jewellery.

‘You can be gorgeous at thirty, charming at forty, and irresistible for the rest of your life.’ – Coco Chanel
…just choose to wear PEARLS!

The Hollywood Buzz!

Clooney wedding
There has been a buzz of excitement in Hollywood that has got everyone talking.
Firstly the newly released photographs of The Clooney’s wedding, and then Angelina Jolie becoming a Dame…what more do you need!

The Clooney’s wedding was always going to be a ‘who’s who’ of the Celebrity world, so that main question on everyone’s lips was ‘What will Amal’s wedding dress be like?’

Pearls, pearls and yet more pearls!
They were everywhere.
Clooney wedding 2
From stunning diamond and pearl drop earrings to a pearl embroidered Oscar de la Renta gown. The look was breathtaking.
The soft and gentle lustre of the pearls married (excuse the pun!) beautifully with the delicate couture lace, giving the traditional style dress a modern twist.
clooney wedding 3
While flicking through the images of Amal in her gown, it reminded me of Jackie O’s wedding dress.
Like Amal, Jackie’s dress was off the shoulder with a delicate lace vale cascading down the back.

A keen pearl girl who was famous for saying, ‘Pearls are always appropriate’, Jackie chose a simple, elegant single strand pearl necklace to accompany her gown.565.Torso Image

Do you have a wedding coming up? If so Beauchamp Place is that place for you.

Our pearl showroom, located at 42 Beauchamp Place, London, SW3 1NX, is full of stunning pearl jewellery perfect for the whole wedding party, and with Suzanne Neville only a few doors away from us…it just makes sense!

clooney wedding5Now no Hollywood pearl blog would be complete without mentioning Dame Angelina Jolie.
Not only did she wear pearls for her own wedding, but also to Buckingham Palace where she was presented with the Honorary Dame Grand Cross of the Most Distinguished Order of St Michael and St George by The Queen.

Needless to say there were a lot of fantastic pearls on show between Jolie and The Queen… A pearl paradise!

The secret is OUT!

After a long time of wondering when they would get married, the Jolie-Pitts have finally tied the knot! The question on everyone’s minds… where did it happen? What was she wearing? and was she wearing PEARLS?!

The scene was set in their beautiful French Chateau.
The sun was out as the leading lady, Angelina Jolie, floated down the aisle wearing a couture white satin gown and veil with her children’s crayon doodles stitched into the train.
Jolie wedding2
But what jewellery do you think an A-list celebrity bride would choose to wear?

How about PEARLS!

Jolie wedding3Having been spotted several times recently wearing her pearl studs, for example at The Global Summit and the Oscars, it came as no surprise to see that she had chosen them for her wedding.
Keeping her jewellery down to a minimum the subtle pearl studs highlighted her elegance, while enhancing her look.

ASCOT ss studsDo you fancy a pair of pearl studs like Angelina’s?
Our South Sea pearl studs on 18ct yellow gold would look fantastic paired with your wedding dress, power conference suit, and jeans with T-shirt!
Call into our Pearl Showroom where one of our team will help you choose the best colour, shape and size of pearl to suit you. Freshwater pearl, Akoya pearl, Tahitian pearl or South Sea pearl studs…your wish is our command!


New Website 1
Have you seen our NEW website? If you haven’t…you should!
The cleaner site is easier to navigate, with several new pearl products available to purchase, as well as more information about our news and events coming up.
Scroll through our pearl collections and check out the latest Editors Choice. Read about our history and find out about the different types of pearls available.

Website 2
Yet more exciting news to shout about…we have just received a large consignment of lustrous, breath-taking, eye-catching…(you get the point!) South Sea and Tahitian Pearl strands and studs.
Angelina Jolie in tahitian pearlsJoin the likes of Angelina Jolie, wearing her Tahitian Pearls to a red-carpet event, or Emma Thompson, seen wearing her Tahitian pearl necklace and Tahitian Pearl studs in the film ‘Saving Mr Banks’.
The edgy metallic blues, greens, greys, purples and gold hues found in Tahitian Pearls are lovely alternative to the classic ‘white’ pearl necklace, adding drama to your outfit.
How about some Tahitian Pearl drops like the ones Helen Mirren wore in the film ‘The Debt’. These earrings can be worn as classic pearl studs or with the Tahitian Pearl drop attached, giving you the option of 2 looks.

michele obama ss prlsPrefer South Sea Pearls? Michele Obama does.
Check out her South Sea Pearl necklace in this image. Some might call the pearls ‘globes’!

We have a wide selection of South Sea Pearls ranging from perfectly round to baroque, white to gold, and long rope necklace to short chokers.
Call into our Pearl showroom, located at 42 Beauchamp Place, London, SW3 1NX, where a member of our Pearl Team will help you choose the pearls to best suit you.

Power dress for success!

WIDE ss row
Ever wondered why so many influential women wear pearls?
Maybe it is the fact that they are a timeless classic gem that go with every and any outfit. Then again maybe it is something else…

‘I feel undressed if I don’t have my pearls on. My pearls are my security blanket.’ – Lady Sarah Churchill

Power Women
In this image of Angelina Jolie, Condoleezza Rice and Hillary Clinton, taken at the dinner for the Global Business Coalition on HIV-AIDS, all 3 women are wearing pearls. Coincidence?….I think not!
Powerful women….Powerful Pearls!
Large prl drop POWER
Fancy a pair of large pearl drop earrings like the ones Angelina Jolie is wearing?
If so our sterling silver stud earrings with a large freshwater pearl drops would be perfect.

SS prl Studs
Choose a south sea pearl single strand necklace, like Condoleezza Rice, and team it up with a pair of elegant south sea pearl studs on 18ct white gold for the timeless twin-set-and-pearl effect.
Power collar
More of a Hillary Clinton pearl fan?
Then our freshwater pearl lace collar is for you. Made up of a selection of freshwater pearls in a variety of different sizes and finished off with a sterling silver bar clasp, this necklace will transform any outfit.

Power Pearls Duchess
Throughout history Royals have nurtured a love of pearls, with some of the most famous belonging to our royal family, The Hanoverian Pearls.

Recently we have seen The Duchess of Cambridge wearing a pair of delicate pearl ‘huggie’ earrings with pearl drops to accompany her outfits while on her royal tour.

ea1594 white f.w prl
If you would like a pair of similar ‘huggie’ earrings with pearl drops then we have the earrings for you.

Available in white and yellow 18ct gold with GVS diamonds and removable tahitian or south sea pearl drops, these earrings are perfect for everyday and special occasions.

To help you in choosing your perfect pearls call into our Pearl Showroom, located at 42 Beauchamp Place, London, Sw3 1NX, where a member of our Pearl Team will guide you to your very own Power Pearls!