Fashion…Scribble Mania!

ChildrenDid you used to be a budding artist when you were younger?
Perhaps your mother, in her kind and encouraging way, framed several of your ‘master pieces’ so that friends and family could admire your creations. But now when you look back you realise that perhaps some of the pictures acted as more of a comedy prop rather than a beautiful piece of artwork!!
…See image above entitled, ‘Portrait of Family’, …the artist has requested to remain nameless!
If this scenario sounds familiar then you might be interested to know that these pictures are now becoming highly sought after in the fashion world!
Our Pearl Company team in London has selected their top 3 favorite outfits that include Children prints…would you wear them?!

Children1Helen Mirren isn’t one to shy away from new fashion trends and fun playful designs, therefore when she stepped out wearing her Dolce & Gabbana dress adorned with children’s scribbles, I mean master pieces, it seemed almost ‘normal’!
We loved the bright colours used, and the shimmer of the satin which almost made the paintings look like they were still drying! The highlight for us was the fact that she teamed this playful dress up with a timeless classic long rope of pearls and elegant bag, that almost looked like she had just raided her mothers accessory collection!

Another celebrity who went that extra step further than Mirren was Angelina Jolie, who famously wore a Wedding dress with her children’s drawings included in the dress and veil material.

The dedicated mother of six accessorised her dress with her large pearl stud earrings.

…there is a distinct Pearl Jewellery accessory trend here…

The final dress we had to highlight was seen on Diane Kruger.
Our Pearl Company loved the simple line of the dress teamed up with the monochrome children’s scribble print.
Oh and please note the delicate peacock black pearl studs she is wearing!

So the big question is… Will you allow your children to draw on your clothes AND do you need some pearl accessories to accompany the outfit?!

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