The Monroe effect!

Monroe 1
When you think of Marilyn Monroe most people instantly think of her singing ‘Happy Birthday Mr President’ to JFK. But as it is The Pearl Month we have slightly adapted the words…

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday Mr Pearlfect, Happy Birthday to you!

Continuing our ‘Pearl Family‘ walk, we will be focusing our attention on Akoya Pearls.
Marilyn Monroe was given an Akoya Pearl Necklace from Arthur Miller on their wedding day, and continued to wear it long after the divorce.

Akoya Pearls originate in oysters farmed in Japan. They are created when a technician implants a spherical resin or mother of pearl bead into the pearl bearing oyster alongside an epithelial cell graft that has come from the mantle tissue of a donor oyster. The graft forms a pearl sac around the bead implant which is then slowly covered in layer upon layer of nacre, eventually forming a pearl.

EAAKDS care of pearls
True or False…Akoya pearls are born in pale blue/grey colours?
TRUE, although these colours are rarely found for sale in the market.

Cinderella 2
True or False…Akoya pearls take 1.5 to 3 years to be made?
TRUE. Originally experts recommended that the bead/irritant should be left in the host oyster for three years. At present the accepted time is 1 ½ years, which results in a good 0.5mm nacre coating.

620 Akoya 3 row NE
Dream of owning an Akoya Pearl necklace, bracelet, or earrings? Then again how about a set?!

Call into our London Pearl Showroom, where our Pearl Company will help you select irresistible Akoya pearls to suit, with pink, white or golden hues.

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