For The Love of Pearls!

‘Never before had I seen a collection of pearls so ultimately modern, inspiring and uniquely cutting edge.’ – Lucy Self
Have you seen the pearl article? If not you should!

Entitled, ‘For The Love of Pearls’, and featured in Unity Magazine, Lucy Self describes how she felt the first time she entered our ‘Pearl Palace‘ (42 Beauchamp Place, London, SW3 1NX), transforming her ‘…dubious view of pearls being old fashioned and reminiscent of my grandmother, into a passion that lives on.’
Jennifer Lawrence in prl studs

If any of you are still in doubt that pearls could be ‘modern’, then check out the catwalks and The Red Carpet where many celebrities are adorned in pearls.
Angelina Jolie, Rihanna, Jennifer Lawrence, Scarlett Johansson, Taylor Swift, Helen Mirren, Anna Wintour and Emma Watson to name just a few pearl girls.

One of our pearl collections that Lucy picks up on is our ‘Caramel & Spice’ collection.
Inspired by the warm hues of caramel and the dramatic contrast of spice the collection is strong and eye-catching.
‘Not only is the collection modern, sensual and original, it is the perfect coupling between the classic and the universal exploration of a luxuriant range of materials.’
Titania warrior pic2

One necklace that Lucy took a fancy too was our leather and tahitian pearl Warrior choker.
Made to measure, this choker is the ideal conversation starter/neck protector!
The leather is knotted to look like barbed wire, while the metallic coloured Tahitian pearls reflect the cool strength of metal.

christmas Pearl & Leather Bracelets
‘My passion has not weaned over the years and my girlie excitement is quickly reignited; except that now my 10 year old daughter is looking eagerly at me and mumbling something about having cool bracelets!
We both leave happy in our cool gang matching cuffs which just goes to show that pearl are for any age; one is never too young or too old!’ – Lucy Self

Call into our pearl showroom and start picking out your new pearl favorites.

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