The Night Manager

the night managerThe Coleman Douglas Pearl team have been addicted to the BBC’s new hit series, ‘The Night Manager’. Dangerous, thrilling and above all glamorous, this thriller has had us on the edge of our seats every week! But apart from ogling Tom Hiddleston (as well as following the plot) it has been the stunning pearls that have captured our eyes week on week.

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The opening sequence is an example of very clever computer animation turning luxurious items into deadly weapons, mimicking the theme of the show with wealthy, glamorous people who are in fact very dangerous. We absolutely love the fabulous multi strand pearl necklace seen in the Night Manager and think that our multi strand necklace makes an equally dramatic statement, especially paired with a backless dress.


.EA3183 SSprlThroughout the series we have seen many of the actresses donning pearls – especially leading lady Elizabeth Debicki. Elizabeth’s character Jed is rarely seen without her pearl drops or pearl studs – very similar to ones you can find in our pearl store in 42 Beauchamp Place, London. It also seems that she is a fan of pearls herself as in all her major roles to date she has donned pearls!

elizabeth debicki

And Gentlemen please don’t feel left out, pearls are not just for the ladies in your life! Pearls are particularly loved by actors who play Bond, James Bond! Daniel Craig donned a pair of pearl cufflinks in Skyfall and Pierce Brosnan often wears his Tahitian pearl on leather. If Tom Hiddleston is reading out there (can I have your number?) maybe wearing some of our pearl cufflinks or pearl tie pins you can swing the next bond gig in your favour. . . . ?! We all think Tom would be the perfect choice as the latest Bond – who would you like to see playing the world’s most famous spy?


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‘The name’s Bond, James Bond’
One of the most well known lines in the world, and currently the hot topic of many J.B fans as ‘Spectre’ has finally arrived at The Big Screen.
The British Secret Service agent, known for his sophisticated style, cool gadgets, and daring international exploits was once again pushed to the limits in saving the world while still finding time for ‘romance’. So let me ask you one thing…what do you imagine a Bond Girl to be like?
Elegant, beautiful, stylish, confident, sassy… the list goes on. Therefore, it didn’t shock our Pearl Company when low and behold one of the Bond girls wore Tahitian pearl studs.

Spectre 2The pearl studs were gracing the ear lobes of the stunning Monica Bellucci.
Seen here complementing her black ensemble, the pearls did what they do best…take a back seat while enhancing their wearers natural beauty.
Fancy a pair of your own? Pop into our Pearl Beauchamp Place Showroom, located at 42 Beauchamp Place, Knightsbridge, London, SW3 1NX, where our pearl guru will help you find the perfect metallic hue to suit your complexion.

bond 3Tahitian pearls are known for their mesmerizing metallic colour and deep lustre which lures you in.

A favorite of not only Bond girls but also Bond himself, Pierce Brosnan was photographed wearing his tahitian pearl thong necklace on a tropical beach…where would you wear yours?

Bond 2
Daniel Craig, another pearl connoisseur, happened to meet one of our clients at the premier who commented on how beautiful her multi strand pearl necklace was. ‘…I love wear them all the time, especially as ‘James Bond’, Daniel Craig, complimented me on them!’ – Kit (Client)

536 Tahitian PearlsOne question usually asked is, why do Tahitian pearls have natural metallic colours and other pearls, such as south sea pearls, do not?
The answer lies with the host shell. Tahitian pearls are created in black lipped oysters which produce nacre which always has a hint of grey. These oysters are found in Mexico, Panama and French Polynesia, several places that James Bond has visited.

So to leave you with one of our favorite James Bond quotes…

Bond: “My dear girl, there are some things that just aren’t done. Such as, drinking Dom Perignon ’53 above the temperature of 38 degrees Fahrenheit. That’s just as bad as listening to the Beatles without earmuffs.”

He’s Got Style!

bond 4
Is it just our Pearl Team or are you seeing Mr Darcy/007 lookalikes everywhere?!
Obviously with Ascot happening it is hardly surprising that well suited and booted gentlemen keep being spotted waltzing around every street corner but, is it just Ascot or is it a trend?
As it is Fathers’ Day tomorrow we thought we’d dedicate this Blog to all the Stylish men out there, and where better to start than with Mr Bond…James Bond.

Bond 1

A fun fact to know about the famous Mr Bond….He likes PEARLS!
Now when I say ‘He’ I should really mention that I mean ‘they’ as over the years we’ve seen several actors taking on the role. Let’s look at the 2 most recent Bonds, Pierce Brosnan and Daniel Craig.

James Bond‘I favour pearls on screen and in my private life. ‘ – Grace Kelly
It seems that both Brosnan and Craig agree with Grace Kelly’s quote above as both gentlemen have been seen wearing pearl jewellery on screen and off.
Brosnan was famously photographed for Vanity Fair wearing his Tahitian Pearl and leather necklace, while Craig was shot several times throughout the film Skyfall wearing his pearl cufflinks. Also at a premiere Mr Craig happened to complement one of our clients on the CDP pearls she was wearing…

‘Chrissie thank you so much for all your help in choosing my beautiful pearls. I love wear them all the time, especially as ‘James Bond’, Daniel Craig, complimented me on them! – Kit’

Bond 2Fancy thanking your Father this Fathers’ Day with accessories similar to James Bond’s?
Our freshwater pearl cufflinks are almost identical to the ones Daniel Craig wore when trying to save the ‘damsel in distress’ in Skyfall. Set on sterling silver a white freshwater pearl, these cufflinks will go with plain or detailed shirts making them an easy choice for those rushed week day mornings.

bond 3
Perhaps your Bond, I mean father, is more laid back and would prefer a leather and Tahitian pearl pedant like Pierce Brosnan’s.
Make an appointment with our Pearl Company to choose the Tahitian pearl and leather colour you’d like for the necklace.

Needing more ideas? Head over to our Coleman Douglas Pearls London Showroom where we have a wide selection of gifts ready to give.


James bond 2
The names Bond…James Bond!
Fast cars, crazy gadgets, shaken and not stirred martinis, ladies and sharp outfits… just a few of Bonds ‘calling cards’. Cards that many men desire.

But did you know that Bond also likes Pearls?! …more specifically Tahitian Pearls.
James Bond
Check out 007/Peirce Brosnan pictured on the front cover of Vanity Fair wearing a Tahitian Pearl and black leather thong necklace.
Yes it might not be the current James Bond but I haven’t managed to speak to Daniel Craig…yet!
However one of our clients did chat with Daniel Craig… ‘Chrissie thank you so much for all your help in choosing my beautiful pearls. I love wear them all the time, especially as ‘James Bond’, Daniel Craig, complimented me on them! – Kit

James Bond 3Tahitian Pearls come in a variety of natural metallic colours. From pistaccio green to purple, dove grey to midnight black.
The metallic colours give the pearls a modern, mesmerizing, mysterious edge compared with the timeless classic white pearls.

James bond 4
We have a wide selection of black and nude leather jewellery which include a variety of pearls.
From single leather rope necklaces to multi-strand warrior bracelets.
Call into our Pearl Showroom, located at 42 Beauchamp Place, London, SW3 1NX, to see our full cultured pearl and leather Warrior Collection.

James bond5Feeling creative? make an appointment with our Pearl Specialist and Designer, Chrissie Douglas, and begin to dream up your very own 007 creations.

Diamonds might be forever, but ‘…pearls are the ultimate best friend.’ – Anne de Courcy, Daily Telegraph