The Night Manager

the night managerThe Coleman Douglas Pearl team have been addicted to the BBC’s new hit series, ‘The Night Manager’. Dangerous, thrilling and above all glamorous, this thriller has had us on the edge of our seats every week! But apart from ogling Tom Hiddleston (as well as following the plot) it has been the stunning pearls that have captured our eyes week on week.

565. torso low
The opening sequence is an example of very clever computer animation turning luxurious items into deadly weapons, mimicking the theme of the show with wealthy, glamorous people who are in fact very dangerous. We absolutely love the fabulous multi strand pearl necklace seen in the Night Manager and think that our multi strand necklace makes an equally dramatic statement, especially paired with a backless dress.


.EA3183 SSprlThroughout the series we have seen many of the actresses donning pearls – especially leading lady Elizabeth Debicki. Elizabeth’s character Jed is rarely seen without her pearl drops or pearl studs – very similar to ones you can find in our pearl store in 42 Beauchamp Place, London. It also seems that she is a fan of pearls herself as in all her major roles to date she has donned pearls!

elizabeth debicki

And Gentlemen please don’t feel left out, pearls are not just for the ladies in your life! Pearls are particularly loved by actors who play Bond, James Bond! Daniel Craig donned a pair of pearl cufflinks in Skyfall and Pierce Brosnan often wears his Tahitian pearl on leather. If Tom Hiddleston is reading out there (can I have your number?) maybe wearing some of our pearl cufflinks or pearl tie pins you can swing the next bond gig in your favour. . . . ?! We all think Tom would be the perfect choice as the latest Bond – who would you like to see playing the world’s most famous spy?


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