Mix and Match

Pearls with Gemstones One of the best things about pearls is their ability to go with anything. You can wear them with jeans, you can wear pearls with your black tie dress, even men can wear them. Get Pierce Brosnan wearing a solo Tahitian pearl on a leather cord or Johnny Depp in a Tahitian... Continue Reading →

The Night Manager

The Coleman Douglas Pearl team have been addicted to the BBC's new hit series, 'The Night Manager'. Dangerous, thrilling and above all glamorous, this thriller has had us on the edge of our seats every week! But apart from ogling Tom Hiddleston (as well as following the plot) it has been the stunning pearls that... Continue Reading →


Fabulous, Fresh and Free! 3 things that most people aspire to be. Our Coleman Douglas Pearls London Team have been busy getting together the ingredients to help you on your way to a F.F.F February! The 3 main ingredients? Pearls, Acai Berries and Pearls... pearls are doubly important which is why they have been included... Continue Reading →

0 0 7

'The name's Bond, James Bond' One of the most well known lines in the world, and currently the hot topic of many J.B fans as 'Spectre' has finally arrived at The Big Screen. The British Secret Service agent, known for his sophisticated style, cool gadgets, and daring international exploits was once again pushed to the... Continue Reading →

He’s Got Style!

Is it just our Pearl Team or are you seeing Mr Darcy/007 lookalikes everywhere?! Obviously with Ascot happening it is hardly surprising that well suited and booted gentlemen keep being spotted waltzing around every street corner but, is it just Ascot or is it a trend? As it is Fathers' Day tomorrow we thought we'd... Continue Reading →

The Warriors of Hollywood

Pierce Brosnan, Jason Momoa and Jonny Depp, all actors who have played 'warrior' roles in films. But what else do these actors have in common...PEARLS! Yes you heard right, all three men have been spotted wearing Tahitian Pearl pendant necklaces in magazines and on the Red Carpet. And it's not the first time men have... Continue Reading →


The names Bond...James Bond! Fast cars, crazy gadgets, shaken and not stirred martinis, ladies and sharp outfits... just a few of Bonds 'calling cards'. Cards that many men desire. But did you know that Bond also likes Pearls?! ...more specifically Tahitian Pearls. Check out 007/Peirce Brosnan pictured on the front cover of Vanity Fair wearing... Continue Reading →

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