Pearls, Fashion & Afternoon Tea

Highlights from the Best of Britain Luxury Shopping event If you were invited to the Best of Britain Luxury Shopping event last week but couldn't make it, here are a few highlights! The event was at the luscious Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Knightsbridge and it brought together some new and some established luxury ladies brands... Continue Reading →

Queen Victoria and Royal Jewels

We have been struck with Royal fever here at Coleman Douglas Pearls as we are absolutely hooked on ITV's new period drama Victoria! Apparently it is not far from the truth with Victoria's diaries being used heavily in the research to the show. And oh the jewellery - Pearls galore on top of stunning pieces... Continue Reading →

Rio Olympics 2016

The Olympics have arrived!! Four years after London hosted the 2012 (cough "best" cough) games, all of us here at Coleman Douglas Pearls can't believe its four years later and are ready for the Rio party! After watching the amazing opening ceremony we couldn't help but keep our eyes peeled to see a few of... Continue Reading →

Sale! …Royal Pearls For Sale!

Yes you heard right, a beautiful natural pearl necklace, once belonging to the Spanish Royal Family, is being sold in 2 days time at Christie's... interested? Our Pearl Team are! These rare 19th century natural pearls were collected by King Ferdinand VII of Spain for his wife Marie Christina of Bourbon -Two Sicilies, they were... Continue Reading →

The Pearl Queen

'The pearl is the queen of gems and the gem of queens'. This last Wednesday marked the historic moment when Queen Elizabeth II became the longest reigning monarch, overtaking her great great granny, Queen Victoria. One photo that swept the national newspapers was the one on the right, where Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth are... Continue Reading →

Only $5.1 million!

So the big question is... what was sold for $5.1 million? A house, super car, gym palace? ...try a pearl necklace! The 4 strand grey natural saltwater pearl necklace was sold on Tuesday at the Christie's Jewels Sale setting yet another milestone auction price for a natural pearl necklace. One of our pearl company members was... Continue Reading →

Hook Line and Sinker

If you ...ACHOOW!... suffer from ...ACHOOW!... heyfever then join our Coleman Douglas Pearls heyfever Pearl Team! But what is it about the Plane Tree pollen that makes us kerchoo the day away? One of our clients, a doctor, shone light on the answer. Apparently Plane Tree pollen looks similar to small fish hooks, therefore when... Continue Reading →

Pearls of Wisdom for the New Year

When people think of pearls, usually images of pearl necklaces, pearl bracelets and pearls earrings spring to mind. But did you know that pearls were and still are used as an aphrodisiac?! Louis XIV used to drink two crushed pearls every day, attributing his strong interest in the ladies to his "pearl tea" which consisted... Continue Reading →

Once upon a time…

Myths and folk-tails have accompanied pearls for centuries, building up their timeless appeal. Tales of stunning Freshwater Pearls, Akoya Pearls, Tahitian Pearls, South Sea Pearls and Natural Pearls fill the history books, while pearl necklaces, pearl earrings, pearl bracelets and pearl accessories adorn historic figures in paintings. 'The Rooster and the Pearl', adapted from an... Continue Reading →

Designed & Made in England!

When you think of England what springs to mind? The Queen, red buses, Big Ben, ...Pearls? ...Coleman Douglas Pearls?! All our pearl jewellery is designed and made in London at our Pearl Showroom. Come visit us and hear all about the inspiration behind each of our pearl necklaces, pearl bracelets and pearl earrings. Did you... Continue Reading →

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