Hook Line and Sinker

Fish Hook
If you …ACHOOW!… suffer from …ACHOOW!… heyfever then join our Coleman Douglas Pearls heyfever Pearl Team! But what is it about the Plane Tree pollen that makes us kerchoo the day away?
One of our clients, a doctor, shone light on the answer. Apparently Plane Tree pollen looks similar to small fish hooks, therefore when the pollen is breathed in, it latches onto the back of your throat, inside the nostril, or eye, and continues to irritate sometimes days after you have left the pollen infested area.

What to do it you are affected:
Pollen in your throat….eat!
Pollen in your nostril….HUGE sneeze!
Pollen in your eye….you should have been wearing glasses!

the Queen Pearl
Are you a keen fisherman like Plane Tree pollen?
If so what is the biggest catch you have ever caught?
For Jacob Quackenbush it was one of the most beautiful natural freshwater pearls…the Queen Pearl.

Found in America in 1857, Quakenbush, a carpenter, sold it to Charles Tiffany for a mere $1,500. After changing hands again it then landed in the possession of Empress Eugenie, where the name the ‘Freshwater Queen Pearl’ was founded.

EA Natural PRLDo you dream of owning your very own natural pearl? If so how about a natural pearl ring, necklaces, earrings or tie pin?
Here at Coleman Douglas Pearls we have a magnificent collection of natural pearl jewellery in our Pearl Showroom, located at 42 Beauchamp Place, London, SW3 1NX. Make an appointment with our Pearl Specialist and Designer, Chrissie Douglas, and make your dream a reality.

Whatever you decide to do this bank holiday weekend, fishing or being fished by pollen! we wish you luck!
On a side note it is advisable not to go pearl fishing in Scotland as it is illegal!

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