Pearls, Fashion & Afternoon Tea


If you were invited to the Best of Britain Luxury Shopping event last week but couldn’t make it, here are a few highlights! The event was at the luscious Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Knightsbridge and it brought together some new and some established luxury ladies brands for an afternoon of tea, cakes, champagne, pearls and shopping! Gomez-Grazia, the celebrity endorsed fashion brand hosted us and other brands including swimwear, diamonds and even super luxurious hairpieces. We invited all our lovely clients – thank you to those who made it and we hope you enjoyed yourself. Ten percent of all sales went to The Great Ormond Street Hospital and a three lucky shoppers won complimentary nights in top hotels in Paris, Monaco and Geneva.

One of our youngest clients, aged 16, was treated to a pink freshwater drop pendant. Her warm skin tones and Gaelic colouring, with dark hair and blue eyes, meant that pink was her colour! She also suited the peacock black pearls, but young and pretty calls for pink!

The gorgeous Anna is wearing a stunning Gomez Grazia evening gown and a load of our white freshwater pearl bracelets (you can never wear too many!).


Coleman Douglas Pearls X Aqua Flor Perfume

dusk_main_large dawn_mainwebsite_large

Pearl Essence Perfume

‘Dawn and Dusk’ are a revolutionary concept in perfume, the new Coleman Douglas Pearl friendly perfume essences. A novel concept on which our designer, Chrissie Douglas and Sileno Cheloni of AquaFlor in Florence, have worked on for the last three years.

A natural creation: Most perfumes have alcohol which attacks a pearls’ radiance and eventually dulls the pearls and even changes the colour of our skin. Dawn and Dusk essences have a base tone of salt and water, mimicking the natural oils produced by our body and maintaining the pearls moisture whilst adding to its splendor. To prove this point, each phial of pearl essence contains a cultured pearl which as time goes by increases in lustre. Once the essence finishes it can be strung into a necklace exuding a gentle scent for years to come.
Easy handling: The delicate phials fit perfectly into a handbag and their “roll on” feature allows for easy use “on the go”.
Our Pearl Essences have two distinct scents
Dawn evokes a fresh morning sea breeze in French Polynesia. Its base notes are Amber and a musk accord of Ambergris and sea moss. Its head notes are seaweed and pink salt whilst white thyme and wild fennel are Dawn’s heart notes.
Dusk has an essence which builds on Dawn and brings a sultry note with base characteristics of amber and a woody accord of ambergris and bamboo wood. Its heart notes are an aromatic melody of white thyme and African rosemary, with seaweed, pink salt and bergamot as its head notes.
Come to our showroom in Beauchamp Place and sense for yourself this groundbreaking perfume essence it is guaranteed to make you want more …


Mother’s Day Pearls

What better way to celebrate our wonderful mothers than with pearls? Over the next two weeks we are giving away six stunning pieces for you to either keep or give to a special mother you know. To enter, just follow us on Instagram or Facebook and tag a friend on the competition image.

mothers day image

Meanwhile, at the studio, we are busy stringing lots of pearls ready for you to come and choose the perfect gift for the best mum in the world. Whatever her style, colouring or age, we have the perfect pearls for every mum out there! Here are a few of our favourites.

Akoya Pearl and Diamond Earrings £1,170

Large Freshwater Pearl Stud Earrings £137

‘Triple Strand ‘Raindrop’ Long Lariat Necklace in White £714

Biwa pearl & Rock Crystal Short Lasso Necklace in Peacock Black £154

Labradorite & Tahitian Pearl Bracelet £909

Freshwater pearl & Rock Crystal Necklace in Grey £193


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‘The name’s Bond, James Bond’
One of the most well known lines in the world, and currently the hot topic of many J.B fans as ‘Spectre’ has finally arrived at The Big Screen.
The British Secret Service agent, known for his sophisticated style, cool gadgets, and daring international exploits was once again pushed to the limits in saving the world while still finding time for ‘romance’. So let me ask you one thing…what do you imagine a Bond Girl to be like?
Elegant, beautiful, stylish, confident, sassy… the list goes on. Therefore, it didn’t shock our Pearl Company when low and behold one of the Bond girls wore Tahitian pearl studs.

Spectre 2The pearl studs were gracing the ear lobes of the stunning Monica Bellucci.
Seen here complementing her black ensemble, the pearls did what they do best…take a back seat while enhancing their wearers natural beauty.
Fancy a pair of your own? Pop into our Pearl Beauchamp Place Showroom, located at 42 Beauchamp Place, Knightsbridge, London, SW3 1NX, where our pearl guru will help you find the perfect metallic hue to suit your complexion.

bond 3Tahitian pearls are known for their mesmerizing metallic colour and deep lustre which lures you in.

A favorite of not only Bond girls but also Bond himself, Pierce Brosnan was photographed wearing his tahitian pearl thong necklace on a tropical beach…where would you wear yours?

Bond 2
Daniel Craig, another pearl connoisseur, happened to meet one of our clients at the premier who commented on how beautiful her multi strand pearl necklace was. ‘…I love wear them all the time, especially as ‘James Bond’, Daniel Craig, complimented me on them!’ – Kit (Client)

536 Tahitian PearlsOne question usually asked is, why do Tahitian pearls have natural metallic colours and other pearls, such as south sea pearls, do not?
The answer lies with the host shell. Tahitian pearls are created in black lipped oysters which produce nacre which always has a hint of grey. These oysters are found in Mexico, Panama and French Polynesia, several places that James Bond has visited.

So to leave you with one of our favorite James Bond quotes…

Bond: “My dear girl, there are some things that just aren’t done. Such as, drinking Dom Perignon ’53 above the temperature of 38 degrees Fahrenheit. That’s just as bad as listening to the Beatles without earmuffs.”

The Warriors of Hollywood

Pierce Brosnan, Jason Momoa and Jonny Depp, all actors who have played ‘warrior’ roles in films.
But what else do these actors have in common…PEARLS!
Yes you heard right, all three men have been spotted wearing Tahitian Pearl pendant necklaces in magazines and on the Red Carpet.
And it’s not the first time men have been seen wearing pearls, just look through history.
Julius Caesar’s love of pearls is said to have been a contributing factor to his invasion of England in 55BC! Other pearl enthusiasts include Charles I, Steven Tyler, Elton John, Pharrell Williams.
536 Tahitian Pearls
Tahitian Pearls are naturally dark colour ranging from grey to black and peacock green to aubergine.
However, on rare occasions you can sometimes find them very light, from white to yellow and pink, all of which have grey overtones.

Fancy adding Leather collectionsome Tahitian pearl jewellery to your look?
If so you’re in luck. Our Pearl Guru, Chrissie Douglas, designed a whole collection called ‘Warrior’, which is full of knockout leather and Tahitian Pearl necklaces, earrings and cuffs, and having won the Tahitian Pearl Trophy award for innovative design, I’d say this is a must for your ‘warrior’ look.

James bond 4Our Tahitian Pearl pendant, a favourite of the actor John Shepherd, is made up of a lustrous dark Tahitian round pearl on a strong black leather plain thong, allowing the pearl to take centre stage.
The necklace is finished with a classic sterling silver T-bar clasp.

If you fancy more detailing onPuck 2 your leather then our Tahitian Pearl and leather bracelet was made for you.
The leather has been woven together to look like barbed wire interspersed with cultured pearls for a truly ‘tough guy’ look.

To view more of our pearl and leather collection as well as several other Coleman Douglas Pearl designs call into our Pearl Center.