Say it with pearls

If you are planning to pop the question this valentines day, how will you mark the occasion in a unique way?

The idea of an engagement ring is a fairly new one, and the trend for diamonds was the result of a marketing campaign by the large diamond company, DeBeers. Many newly engaged couples are breaking from the mold and choosing alternative precious stones or gems to seal the deal.

The pearls is the oldest gem known to man and for centuries has been a symbol of purity, wisdom, beauty and wealth.

A single pearl set on a gold ring can make a statement, and she will love showing it to all her friends as a unique design. A pearl set with a semi-precious stone is the best of both worlds as they both use the light in different ways to show their beauty, but work well together (see below)

Rings left, from top: South Sea pearl set on 18ct gold with diamonds, tahitian pearl and Aquamarine on diamond encrusted white gold, South Sea pearl on gold twisted ring. All available at Coleman Douglas Pearls

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