Thank you to all our supporters !

This month has seen the most remarkable support from our peers, Stephen Patterson Managing Director of Hamilton & Inches, one of our favourite stockists,   describes our designer Chrissie Douglas as a “Design Star”

The Independent Fashion team select us for their MOST WANTED Christmas Gifts guide with our “Simple studs like these Coleman Douglas Pearls suit everyone and any occasion, and they cast a soft, flattering light on the complexion”.

Vivienne Becker Jewellery connoisseur and editor par excellence cites Chrissie Douglas,  our designer,  in her article “Pearls are a girl’s best friend”  in the 20 October issue of “Country Life” as a trend setter, pearl specialist and jewellery designer.

“Chrissie Coleman of Coleman Douglas Pearls says “Classic is back,  pearls complete every wardrobe, from gardening to business meetings” She sees a return to sober, simple statement pearls, and long fluid strands of Akoya or Baroque pearls, often worn together”

To check out our Christmas gift suggestions see the home page at  …

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