Coleman Douglas Pearls…

Taking its place in amongst the elegant shops of Beauchamp Place is Coleman Douglas Pearls: a treasure chest of glowing opulence.

The more you look at its elegantly displayed glass cabinets, the more you see.

Layer upon layer of lustrous pearls: strung short as chokers or long in luminous ropes, twisted with diamonds or interspersed with colourful stones.

Yet, Coleman Douglas Pearls remains a little like popping round to a friend’s house for a cappuccino (albeit a very nice one). A leather sofa sits invitingly in the corner, while Chrissie, with her joyful giggle, and Asia greet every customer like long lost friends (some probably are).  Some clients wander in for a browse, others embrace Chrissie’s time and advice, trying on endless glowing options, while sipping frothy coffee. 

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