What is Pearl Lustre ?

Lustre is the glow that is only found on pearls. It is due to the way that light reflects back from the multi nacre layered pearls, as light passes through each layer it is refracted, as it is reflected back it is refracted yet again hence it is the gentle shine or  brilliance of a pearl. The greater and richer the lustre is, the more valuable the pearl. Peals with a high lustre display strong light reflections.  Pearls with low lustre look milky, chalky and dull.

For a comprehensive guide to selecting the best  pearls view our Choosing Pearls section.

Pearl  Lustre is the factor that provides the pearl with its true beauty – it is the  mysterious inner glow that seems to emanate from the centre of a genuinely high-quality natural pearl or from deep within the best quality cultured pearls.

Lustre is very precious, to retain the pearl’s natural glow check out our Taking Care of Pearls section.

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