Coleman Douglas PearlsSo you thought this weekend would be relaxed?

Well think again, what with the finals of Henley Royal Regatta and Wimbledon, it’s going to be busy!
If you are attending Henley this year then a word to the wise, watch out for the dress codes!

With access denied if your dress is above the kneeColeman Douglas Pearls or if men aren’t suitably attired, it is essential that you cover your knees!

These events have something in common; sport and  PEARLS!

It is not surprising to find so many pearls adorning women at these traditional events, as pearls themselves have been the jewel of choice for the season as they have been around for centuries, symbolising purity, wisdom, beauty and wealth.

Coleman Douglas PearlsIf you were thinking of wearing pearls this year but don’t want to go down the traditional pearl graduated strand look, then fear not for we can help you out.
As well as having the traditional pearl necklaces, we also have necklaces that incorporate pearls with colourful semi-precious stones, leather, shells, snake skin, etc.

However, if you already have a design idea or your pearls at home aren’t being worn, then bring them in and make an appointment with our designer to explore the possibilities of us re-fashioning the necklace for you.

Whatever you decide to do this weekend, why not do it in pearls!!!

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