Weather forcast…..

Ok so enough with the clouds and rain….where has Summer gone?!

If you are feeling slightly miffed about the British weather, like us, why not put the spare time you have indoors to good use and organize a SUNNY holiday!
Feel like sitting by an infinity pool looking out over a beautiful panaramic view of mountains and untouched countryside?
Want a holiday with guaranteed stress free environment?
Does the idea of relaxing in a stunning peaceful converted farmhouse with the opption of having a cook appeal?

Well if all those questions were a resounding YES then we have the perfect holiday for you.

Located in a northern Tuscan sunny hillside with a view of the Carrara marble hills is a beautiful Villa called LA COLLINA DEL SOLE. Owned by our designer and pearl specialist Chrissie Douglas, this Villa has been re-modelled to the highest spec.

See where Chrissie was inspired to create all her collections, make traditional pizza with the locals, taste some of the wine from the Villa’s vineyard. And all this while getting a tan!

Coleman Douglas PearlsHowever, if you have already booked your holiday but have checked the weather forcast and it is….not the best, or if you have decided to stay in England this year, then fear not because we have the perfect answer for a glowing, brighter, fresh complexion. PEARLS!

Coleman Douglas PearlsYes it is as easy as that. Finding the perfect pearls for you can not only brighten up your face but also make you feel good as well as look fantastic.

Not only do we have the traditional timeless pearl studs and strands, but also exciting new designs that introduce colours aColeman Douglas Pearlsnd textures.

Pop into our shop or make an oppointment to see our pearl specialist to help find that ideal pearl creation that you have been missing.

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