All things FASHION and NEWS!

Having seen the fashion shows we have picked up on two of the main trends this season.

Box away the stripes and rock out the stars! This year we have seen stars hitting the catwalk in all sizes.
In Dior’s case the bigger the better!

Why not check out some of our pieces which use pearls that have been formed into stars while growing inside the muscle.

If you would like more information on how pearls are born then please click here.

A huge change this year has been the fashion industries attitude towards animal skin and fur.
Gucci and Prada favoured Python skin, while Fendi swung more to Crocodile.
However, nearly all the fashion houses have included animal fur in their collections.
This image shows one of Michael Kors creations being modelled at this years New York fashion show.
From London to New York, fashion shows have been packed with inventive ways of wearing these materials.

If you are a keen to follow this trend and love the huge inspiration that we have with animal prints, then take a look at our collection containing shells with leopard spots and textured animal skin.
Each piece includes beautiful freshwater pearls in varying colours, which help to lighten the appearance of the jewellery.

Breaking News!

Due to the current situation in Japan we have decided to donate 10% of each of our website sales towards the aid relief there. If you would like to have a look at our pieces then please click here.

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