Ethical jewellery on the Red Carpet?!?!?

Livia Firth, married to Colin Firth, winner of the Best Actor Award for his role in The King’s Speech, has decided to only wear ethically sourced jewellery and clothes on the Red Carpet.

Anna loucah and Jocelyn Whipple worked with Livia to produce a collection for her ‘Green Carpet Challenge’ which is in its second year. Two of their pieces were worn to The Golden Globes on January 16th 2011.

This image shows two of the ‘Green Carpet Challenge’ pieces that Livia has worn down the red carpet. All the materials used were either recycled or sourced from ethical companies.

The eco challenge is not new to pearls as pearls by default have always been farmed in an ethical way, as the oysters cannot survive in polluted water. This increases the value of a pearl as experts estimate that only 20% of the total pearls harvest are good enough for jewellery.

In our July 14th blog, ‘What is it about Pearls?’, we commented on how ‘…Pearls are the purest gem that can ever adorn a human, they have impeccable ethical credentials  – as they come to you almost as God created them to be, beautiful in their radiant simplicity.’ We go on to talk about how the pearl farmers themselves are eco friendly and environmentally aware advocates for a greener earth.

If you would like your pearls valued then please don’t hesitate to contact us to book an appointment with our pearl specialist, Chrissie Douglas.

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