With Easter being so late this year and the summer diets in full swing, the last thing you want to be greeted with on easter sunday is a HUGE chocolate egg! Therefore, why not opt for pearls

Pearls are the symbol of purity, beauty,wealth and love, so what could be more appropriate on easter sunday than a beautiful item of pearl jewellery?!

With our prices starting at £12.50 there is no reason to shy away.

From classic cufflinks to full pearl ‘Body’ necklaces, there is a piece for everyone. However, if you feel like pushing the boat out this year then why not check out ‘…One of the world’s largest natural saltwater pearls, along with a selection of gems collected from around the globe…’. If this take your fancy you will need to fly out to Dubai to purchase it!

If you have some pearls at home but never seem wear them then why not bring them into our shop, where our pearl specialist and designer can help you design a piece of jewellery incorporating the gems.

For a list of gift ideas for Easter, just check out our website, at www.pearls.co.uk

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