Weddings…just think Pearls!

The tradition of giving pearls to brides probably dates to about 1000 BC, when according to  Hindu tradition, Krishna presented his daughter pearls on her wedding day, to symbolize wisdom. This tradition continued with the ancient Greeks, who believed that pearls would ensure a happy marriage, as they would help to ensure marital bliss and prevent the newlywed bride from mourning her wedding experience, which if she was removed far from home and all previously known comforts and surroundings, we can completely sympathize with.

These traditions stand to reason when you behold the natural beauty, gentle glow and enhancing light that pearls bestow on their wearer. The same glow that was painstakingly and slowly created in nature,  they are in effect the gem which is closest to what God intended us to appreciate when He created nature.
Today the tradition of giving the pearls to the bride and to her bridesmaids continues.
Often it is the groom or the father of the bride who offers the bride her wedding pearls, whereas it is definitely the duty of the groom to present pearls as a gift to the bridesmaids.

We have pearl necklaces starting at £12.50, so whether you want to bling up your bride, bridesmaids or your table feature, as napkin rings, we have it all.
If you would like to see a greater selection of jewellery then please drop into our shop, situated on Beauchamp Place, Knightsbridge.

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