Prayer, Pearls and Praise … perfect!

So you want to look as stunning as a pearl?!

Coleman Douglas Pearls
Here are some quick easy steps to achieving it.

1. Pick the perfect pearl size, shape and colour so that your face glows.
Wearing pearls that complement both your facial structure as well as your skin colour will give you an instant facelift. Just think you can look younger and glowing without going under the knife and spending a small fortune! Plus pearls will last a lifetime, which I think you will agree is an all round winner!Coleman Douglas Pearls

2. To get the depth of a pearls beauty.

This is very simple. All you need to do is purify your heart.

Have you ever watched someone while they’re praying? If not then do. They look so peaceful and stunning listening and chatting with their heavenly father. Why not have some of that for every day?! The huge bonus is that it will never run out like lotions and potions, and you’ve got another friend!

3. So we have now got the face glowing and the inner beauty sorted, therefore, I think it is now time to address the joy!

Coleman Douglas PearlsYou might be thinking that this is sorted as your wearing pearls. You are correct in thinking that, but there is an altogether bigger, better, lasting joy that overrides even that! It’s called praise. Now don’t roll your eyes thinking back to school chapel and the boring old hymns you were made to sing, there are so many ways of doing this. It all comes down to thanking God for the incredible things he has done for you and is continuing to do. You could start with the creation of pearls!!

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