Glam on the beach!

Coleman Douglas PearlsGET THE PEARLS OUT!

Why shouldn’t you wear pearls on the beach?!

With our eyecatching ‘Sunray’ collection of long biwa pearls you can achieve ‘Glam on the beach’ with relative ease!

We have pearls ranging from:

South Sea

If you have a design in mind then why not pop in and chat with our designer, where we can try and make the design idea a reality.

Breaking News!
Largest South Sea Pearl
An oyster has given birth to the largest round South Sea Pearl to date!
This stunning round pink hue pearl measures 22mm and weighs a staggering 156g!!!
This pearl was born in Australia’s oldest cultured pearl farm, Cygnet Bay Pearls.
The company have said that although they have had several generous offers, the pearl is not for sale.

Coleman Douglas PearlsDo not fear though, we have several wearable and beautiful, South Sea pearls that are available for purchase.
If you fancy owning and wearing a beautiful South Sea Pearl, not quite as big as 22mm, then please drop into our shop where we have a wide selection of shapes and hues ready to be made into stunning earrings/necklaces or bracelets.

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