Stand out!

Elizabeth I
For years we Brits have, for the most part, dressed conservative. Yes it is a safe option, but is it fun? Does it show your character?

Looking back in History it seems that the whole ‘Conservative style’ is relatively new.
For example take Mary Queen of Scots and Queen Elizabeth I. It is said that both sisters were ‘…lavish in a display of jewellery.’
Queen Elizabeth I is said to have had ‘…two thousand magnificent dresses’ adorned with pearls and other jewels!Coleman Douglas Pearls

Now before you think that we’re supporting the ‘Bling’ factor, let me explain.

Here at Coleman Douglas Pearls we have ‘conservative’ pearls with a twist!
As well having the traditional pearl strands we also have several multi textural collections.

For example our Barbed wire collection.
Using leather rather than wire with accents of pearls we have achieved ‘cool’, contemporary jewellery.

Coleman Douglas PearlsOur most recent collection ‘Knit One Pearl One’ combines Wool and pearls in a variety of creative ways.
Therefore to conclude you can look ‘cool’ and show your character, while still holding on to a hit of classical British fashion.

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