Breathtaking Pearls !!!

Coco Chanel
As you all know last week was Coco Chanel’s birthday.

Happy Birthday Coco! (Sorry it’s late!)

Known for not only being a style icon, but an influential designer, Coco was always pictured wearing at least one of her pearl strands with every outfit, making it her signature jewellery.

We, Coleman Douglas Pearls, have theColeman Douglas Pearls traditional timeless pearl strands as well as collections that challenge the ‘twin set and pearl’ concept.
One collection that springs to mind is our recently launched ‘Knit One Pearl One’ collection.
Using Wool and pearls we have created exciting fashion accessories that are sure to make a statement!

Liz Taylor
A lady who seemed to make a statement all the time, and with relative ease was Liz Taylor.
It seems that even after her sad death she is still springing surprises on us.
Beginning September 24th and lasting 3 days you can see her breathtaking collection of jewellery at Christie’s, St.James’s in London.

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