Fashion Forward or Fashion ‘Faux Pas’?!?

Coleman Douglas PearlsWith London Fashion Week fast approaching, you’d better decide which fashion ‘F’ you want to be!

You don’t need to layer meat all over yourself or wear ‘Killer’ heals to be fashionable, in fact the complete opposite.

The whole saying ‘Less is More’ couldn’t be shown better than with The Duchess of Cambridge, who seems to achieve ‘timeless elegancy’ with relative ease, and without ‘breaking the bank’!
Duchess of Cambridge in Pearls

She effortlessly proves that classical isn’t always boring and old, but youthful and beautiful.

Pearls have the unique quality of enhancing, without over powering the wearer. In fact it is probably one of the only stones that achieves this.
Kate Bosworth in Pearls

On September 4th, Kate Bosworth stepped out onto the red carpet wearing a stunning white Chanel dress embellished with white pearls. She accompanied the dress with a beautiful large pearl ring.

If you would like to get this look, then head on down to Channel where you can purchase, for a small fortune, this beautiful dress.
Statement Pearl Ring

We can help you with the jewellery!

As well as having a selection of made up pearl rings starting at £115, we also offer a bespoke service allowing you to get artistic and create your dream.

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