An Education!

We will be starting an education round on gems the first one up is  ….

Coleman Douglas Pearls

Pearls happen due to self preservation of an oyster or a mussel, you could say they are a product of molluscs “under pressure”

There are 2 main types of pearls.

Natural and Cultured.

Within these two you have freshwater and seawater. Coleman Douglas PearlsThen they break off again into smaller categories, such as South Sea, Tahitian, Akoya, Keshi, Blister, Seed, Biwa, etc.
If you wish to find out more about the different types of pearls and how they are formed please click here

When choosing pearls there are 6 important factors to consider.

Coleman Douglas Pearls1. LUSTRE. Better lustre = Better glowing complexion!
2. SHAPE. Round doesn’t always suit everyone!
3. THICKNESS OF NACRE. The great the thickness the longer lasting your pearls should be!
4. SURFACE PERFECTION. Make sure there are no cracks or dull areas.
5. SIZE. Choose pearls that will suit your figure.
6. COLOUR. What suits your sister or mother might not suit you.
To read more on the 6 then please click here

So you have purchased your dream pearl earrings/necklace/bracelet/ring, but how do you keep it looking stunning??Coleman Douglas Pearls
There are 5 points to consider when caring for your pearls.

1. Wear them as much as possible
2. Keep them in natural materials, such as silk, and away from metals and diamond which could scratch them.
3. Keep an eye out for when they need re-stringing.
4. After wearing the pearls wipe them down to get any perspiration off.
5. If you wear your pearls a lot then take them to a pearl expert to be cleaned once a year.

So now you know the points to consider let me tell you the major DO NOT DOs.

1. DO NOT spray perfume on them!
2. DO NOT do exercise with your pearls on!
3. DO NOT store them in a dry airless environment like a sealed plastic bag!
To read more on looking after your pearls please click here

Coleman Douglas PearlsAt Coleman Douglas Pearls we pride ourselves in finding the perfect pearls for every girl/boy/lady/man! We have a wide variety of stunning pearl strands in all shapes, sizes and colours, as well as having our pearl specialist, Chrissie Douglas, on hand to answer any questions and to aid you in your search.

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