Autumn = AMBER!

Coleman Douglas PearlsAs well as being an organic gemstone it is also very popular and much appreciated by its fans or “aficionados” .

This stunning stone, likened to ‘a drop of Honey’, originates purely from nature.
Amber was originally formed millions of years ago, from soft, sticky tree resin which seeped down trees, and hardened, over millions of years this hardened resin was subjected in nature to heat and pressure, hence the once honey yellow drops became Amber.Coleman Douglas Pearls

In a few rare Amber stones you can see insects that have been entombed, these insects would have lived over 320 Million years ago!

If you look at the image above you can clearly see a mosquito as well as several other smaller flies. To get a better view of this particular amber piece, why not pop into 42 Beauchamp Place where you can see it close-up.

Coleman Douglas PearlsHere at Coleman Douglas Pearls we have designs that will complement your Autumnal wardrobe perfectly. With rich amber, stunning black/peacock pearls and other beautiful gemstones, they’re a seasonal must have!

Now for something you maybe didn’t know…
Coleman Douglas Pearls
Amber comes in a variety of colours! Better known for the characteristic rich and deep honey colour, you can also find on rare occasions, intense cherry red amber, lush forest green and milky moonlight blue.

This beautiful yet varied organic gemstone is soft, so to keep your Amber safe for generations to come store it separately from other jewellery in your collection.

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