The gem of Princes, Kings and Emperors… Spinel

Coleman Douglas Pearls
If you haven’t encountered the magnificent gemstone Spinel then you are truly missing out. Not only are they durable, measuring 8 on the Mohs scale of hardness, but they are also incredibly beautiful. Occurring in a dazzling spectrum of colours from strong reds pinks oranges and purples to delicate soft nuances of greys lavenders or vibrant blues. With such a tantalising choice on offer you are sure to find the perfect shade to suit your wardrobe and complexion!

Spinels have had a long andColeman Douglas Pearls glorious history. As Spinels display an intense fiery red colour, which rivals the finest of rubies, they have been long mistaken for being rubies. Many important royal pieces, such as the Black Prince’s Ruby set in the English imperial state crown, display a spectacular spinel long thought to be a ruby.

Beside historical sources such as Sri Lanka and Afghanistan, Spinels originate from other notable areas such as Myanmar and Tanzania.

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