Colour…What colour?!

As another season of Fashion and Oscars comes to an end, we look back over the trends, colours, lengths that will be gracing our wardrobes in the months to come.

Celebrities on the Red CarpetOne key element to always watch out for is colour, only this year it was the case of lack of!!!
With more than a dozen celebrities donned in the colour ‘nude’, it looks to be sticking around for quite a while.Angelina Jolie

Jennifer Lopez, Cameron Diaz, Gwyneth Paltrow and Angelina Jolie are only a handful of the celebrities that graced the red carpet in their elegant, stunning nude floor length dresses. And what better to accessories your nude dress than some stunning pearls!

Angelina Jolie paves the way with 2 huge pearl studs alongside her nude dress.
It seems Bigger IS Better!!!

Chanel Fashion
‘Nude’ also made an appearance on the catwalk.

In several shows we saw models wearing nude clothes with small pearl details, unlike Chanel’s show where the models had pearls draped right across them.

Here at CDP we have pearl chokers, single strand pearl necklaces, long 1920s pearl necklaces and the full pearl bodice!

Coleman Douglas Pearls
One of the most important elements when buying pearls is making sure that they complement your complexion. If you would like help finding the right pearls from you, then pop down to 42 Beauchamp Place.

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