7 Days and Counting!!

Coleman Douglas PearlsOnly 7 days till Mother’s Day!
Are you ready?

Now before you suddenly think of chocolates as your, ‘get out of jail free’ present, let me just remind you that she has probably given it up for lent!

Flowers are always nice, but didn’t you Coleman Douglas Pearlsgive them to her last year?!

This year why don’t you give her a present that she can treasure always? …Pearls??!!

Pearls are a great choice for Mother’s Day.
Not only do they look great on ladies of all ages, but they in fact manage to enhance the wearer’s beauty!
Ever wonder where the saying ‘you are glowing’ came from? Pearls!

Coleman Douglas PearlsIf you are not sure which design your Mum would prefer then you can always give her one of our gift vouchers to spend in store.
Our prices start at £12.50 for beautiful ribbon and freshwater pearl spacers, so you’re bound to find something in your price range.
Pop into our shop, situated at 42 Beauchamp Place, London, for a wider selection of pearls.

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