A Spring in your step!

Coleman Douglas Pearls
Spring is here!

The sun is out, the birds are calling and the bulbs you planted months ago are working overtime!
Everwhere you look there is colour! Therefore, why not add some to your jewellery collection?!

Tourmalines are a great spring time stone. Displaying an incomparable variety of colours, such as sunny yellow, rich reds, deep sea blues and forest green. The variety of colour can occur in delicate soft pastels to more intense saturated shades, both captivate the eye.
As they vary so greatly it comes as no surprise that no two tourmalines are the same – they are truly unique!

The name Tourmaline is derived from Coleman Douglas Pearlsthe Sinhalese word ‘tura mali’ which means ‘stone of many colours’ and early Egyptian civilizations believed that its colourful nature came from the gem travelling upwards from the centre of the earth, passing over a rainbow and absorbing all of its colour. However the sheer spectrum of colours actually results from conditions changing during the gems formation and altering the elements present, which in turn changes the colour. Iron produces shades of blues and greens whereas manganese produces red and pinks.
Coleman Douglas Pearls
Many of our designes include tourmalines alongside beautiful pearls.
With the tourmalines giving off ‘happy’ colours and the beautiful pearls enhancing the wearers beauty, these necklaces/bracelets/earrings are a ‘MUST HAVE!’

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