Duck egg Blue!

Well we all know what colour is on everyone’s minds at the moment… …Chocolate Brown!!!

Coleman Douglas PearlsHowever, with only 14 days of lent left before you can really enjoy that colour, why not appreciate ‘duck egg blue’…Turquoise.

Turquoise ranges in colours and appearance, some might be a grassy fresh green whereas others might be a duck egg blue, some might have a clean even texture whereas others might have a network of brown veins called ‘matrix’ running throughout the stone. All these variations are completely natural and add to turquoise’s versatility and individuality.

The most desirable colour is an even intense medium blue with the finest quality turquoise originating from Nishapur in Iran with its characteristic duck egg blue colour.
Coleman Douglas Pearls
The variation in colour results from different elements being present within the Turquoise, for instance more Iron makes for a greener Turquoise.

There are few places on earth that you can find Turquoise. The stone is limited to regions that are dry, arid and abundant in copper rich sand. Water picks up the copper and seeps down to react with other minerals deep in the sand, such as aluminium and phosphorous and produce Turquoise.

So with your knew found love of ‘Duck egg Blue’ why not get out your turquoise jewellery and start wearing it with pride!

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