It’s all about the Eggs!!

It’s that time in the year when we all start to think of eggs.
Chocolate, Fabergé or the real thing, eggs are everywhere!

Faberge Eggs
I’m sure you’ve all seen if not heard about the big ‘Fabergé Egg Hunt’ in London. With over 200 fabergé eggs to find, it will definitely be the largest Easter egg hunt of the year!!
Faberge egg by Robbie Honey
One of our favourite Fabergé Eggs hidden across London is Robbie Honey‘s stunning floral Egg, shown on the left.
Sadly this egg has now been sold, but there are still hundreds more to go.

To get involved in the Fabergé Egg hunt all you need to do is hop onto the website, download a zone map and start searching!

Now if egg hunts aren’t your thing, and the New Year diet is still going strong, then I have the answer for you!Coleman Douglas Pearls

Chocolate‘ pearls!

We have many wonderful designs that incorporate these stunning coloured pearls as well as semi-precious stones.

The benefits to buying pearls this Easter are:
They enhance the wearers beauty.
You can wear them with anything.
They last longer than chocolate!

If you would like to see more of our stunning pearls then pop into our shop, situated at 42 Beauchamp Place, London.

Coleman Douglas PearlsWhich ever ‘egg’ you decide to invest in this Easter we, at Coleman Douglas Pearls, hope you have a wonderful time.

Oh and a little hint for all you budding Fabergé Egg hunters, you might just find several very close to our shop!!!

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