The trend setting Duchess!

Kate with a Diamond Cross Necklace
From the moment she stepped out of that car all eyes were upon her, and few have left her since!

Kate manages to look flawless for every occasion, setting trends wherever she goes.
The newest trend rising is a diamond cross pendant necklace, shown on the left.

This delicate diamond cross is so elegant and understated. With the simple fine chain it almost looks as though the cross is floating.

If you would Coleman Douglas Pearlslike to treat yourself to a diamond cross necklace too, we, Coleman Douglas Pearls, have the perfect Diamond Cross necklaces for you.
Our necklace, shown on the right, has a stunning diamond cross attached to a beautiful fine chain.

However, if you would like to have something slightly different, but still in keeping with the trend, why don’t you check out 3 of our cross necklaces below.
Coleman Douglas PearlsThe necklace on the left has a subtle diamond encased around the fun freshwater pearl cross. This necklace is finished off with a fine 18ct white gold chain.
The central necklace has a delicate diamond cross pendant, attached onto a pretty white freshwater seed pearl strand.
The necklace on the right is made up of an 18ct yellow gold chain with an elegant freshwater pearl cross pendant.

If you would like to see one of these necklaces then pop into our showroom, situated at 42 Beauchamp place, London.

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