The Middle Ring is Black

Coleman Douglas Pearls
Pearl jewellery doesn’t always have to be classically conservative.
Just check out our pearl designs below for proof!

By integrating new exciting materials with pearls we have been able to achieve ‘show-stopping’ designs without losing the elegance of the pearls.

The trendy freshwater pearl Coleman Douglas Pearls‘Warrior’ bracelet on the right is made out of a multitude of black freshwater pearls and beautiful hand woven soft black leather. As you wear this bracelet the black leather weave moulds itself to your arm making it extremely comfortable. Who says you can’t be comfortable as well as fashionable!
Coleman Douglas Pearls
If you prefer classic designs but still want to achieve a different look then check out these pearl earrings on the left.
With the beautiful delicate swirl detail on the 18ct white gold post, the simple design allows you to really appreciate the stunning Tahitian Pearls without being distracted by other stones.
Coleman Douglas Pearls
Now for all you men out there check these elegant cufflinks out. Made using a Tahitian Pearl on a sterling silver classic cufflink post, they are the perfect accessory to your cuff.

If you would like to see more black pearl designs then please pop into our Pearl Showroom, situated at 42 Beauchamp Place, London.

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