Olympic Red

Coleman Douglas Pearls
What better colour to wear than ‘Show stopping Red?!’

Here at Coleman Douglas Pearls we have beautiful collections that incorporate this colour.
The eye-catching 3 strand necklace on the left is made out of stunning Rubies, gold spacers and black freshwater Pearls.
Coleman Douglas Pearls

If you prefer subtle hints of red then take a look at the necklace on the right.
Using lustrous pink freshwater droplet Pearls, small Amethyst and Garnet stones and one Amethyst central drop, this necklace is a lovely way to add a hint of colour to any outfit.

As well as having hundreds of beautiful designs in our Pearl Showroom we also offer a re-designing service.
Our Pearl Specialist and Designer, Chrissie Douglas, loves transforming old designs into new ‘can’t live without’ items of  jewellery that you can wear and treasure forever.

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