Bells of Britain!

Coleman Douglas PearlsThis Friday, 27th July, all the Bells in Britain will ring out as The Torch enters The City.

Our stunning limited edition ‘Bells’ collection has been inspired by this momentous occasion.
The collection is made up of beautiful white freshwater pearls with delicate sterling silver pendant cages containing a single freshwater pearl.Coleman Douglas Pearls

You can see from the pictures how one of the freshwater pearls is encased within the cage, allowing the pearl movement, creating light twinkling sounds.

We have used Freshwater Pearls in the jewellery so that the collection is accessable to everyone.

Coleman Douglas Pearls
Freshwater pearls are produced in mussels which are found in Lakes and rivers. These mussels can make around 20-40 pearls in a lifetime, living to be well over 30 years old.

The size of freshwater pearls is purely determined by the amount of time that the pearls spend in the water; the longer they stay in the water the bigger the pearl will become.Coleman Douglas Pearls

The pearls come in 2 natural colours, White and Pink. To achieve the grey and black freshwater pearls the farmer takes pale pink pearls and treats them to make grey pearls, and plum pinks which ones treated become black freswhater pearls.

If you would like to learn more about pearls or would like to see more of this collection please pop into our Pearl Showroom situated at 42 Beauchamp Place.

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