Coleman Douglas PearlsWith the best know sporting event going on in our city we thought that Coleman Douglas Pearls should get involved!
None of us will be competing this year, but we do have The Torch and 2 (chocolate) Gold Medals!
The Torch has been kindly lent by one of our lovely clients, nominated to run with The Torch for all the fundraising she has done for Epilepsy Action, The Torch can be seen centre stage in our window.
Coleman Douglas Pearls
To say thank you to her we have decided to donate 10% of all our website sales to Epilepsy Action while we have The Torch.
Should you wish to come into our shop and have a photograph of yourself with The Torch you are welcome to do so, however our client has stipulated that you must purchase some  beautiful pearls in order to do so, our prices start at £12.50 so you need not take fright!

Coleman Douglas PearlsAs Britain goes for Gold in sport and occationally weather, we thought Britain could also go for gold in stunning Pearls!

South Sea Pearls are mainly 9-16mm in diameter although they can be well over 20mm.
South Sea pearls are produced in White lipped, Silver lipped and Gold lipped oysters that inhabit the waters of Australia, New Guinea, the Philippines, Indonesia and Burma. Coleman Douglas Pearls

The Shell host can be as large as 12 inches across and produce pearls that are mainly white in colour with a range of overtones from light gold to pale pink.

If you would like to see a breath taking range of golden South Sea Pearl please pop into our Pearl Showroom.

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