Vibrant Colour!

Coleman Douglas PearlsOur beautiful Autumnal front window on the left shows a selection of our stunning pearl necklaces , pearl bracelets , pearl earrings , pearl cufflinks and pearl rings .
The intense natural reds and yellows around are picked up in some of our pearl jewellery by including citrine , cornelian and garnet.
Coleman Douglas Pearls
The rich, intense coloured multi-strand necklace on the right, made using Tahitian Pearls , garnet and citrine is the ideal necklace for this season.
The smooth glowing Tahitian pearls play against the cut citrine and garnet stones beautifully.
This necklace can be worn with the tassel at the front or the back, depending on the neckline of your outfit.

Coleman Douglas PearlsOur fabulous 5 strand cornelian, Akoya pearl , Freshwater pearl and garnet lasso necklace is a show-stopper!
With over 8 different ways of wearing the lasso, it is certainly not boring!
The long freshwater pearl bars give the lasso structure and character.
As you can see from the image some of the cornelian stones are red, while others are yellow or orange, giving this lasso depth, and ‘life’.
If you would prefer some earrings then how about the delicate coral and diamond ones below.Coleman Douglas Pearls

These diamond cluster star studs are the perfect accessory to every evening outfit. With the vibrant coral drop adding colour, these earrings are both elegant and playful.

If you would like to see more of our beautiful jewellery, pop into our Pearl Showroom , situated at 42 Beauchamp Place, SW3 1NX.

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