How to look after your Pearls

Coleman Douglas PearlsNow that you’ve been given your pearl bracelet , pearl necklace , pearl earrings , pearl ring or pearl cufflinks , how do you look after them?

We at Coleman Douglas Pearls are passionate about pearls , therefore we think it is essential for everyone to know how to care for them so that they give you a lifetime of pleasure.
Below we have pin pointed 4 easy steps to do to help keep your pearls looking stunning.

1. Wear them as much as poColeman Douglas Pearlsssible!
Pearls are kept most lustrous when worn next to the skin as they feed off your natural oils.
However, pearls can be affected by cosmetics, fake tan, perfume and hairsprays, therefore it is best to wash your hands before putting your pearls on.

2. Do not exercise with your pearls on!
Perspiration has acids which attack the luster in pearls, as does chlorinated water in a swimming pool.
Coleman Douglas Pearls - Travel Bag
3. Keep your pearls away from your diamonds!
Diamonds and other semi-precious stones will scratch the surface of your pearls if you keep them all together. We suggest that you keep the pearls in silk or chamois leather as these materials help conserve the pearls luster. Our Jewellery Travel Bags are an ideal home for your pearls.

4. You will need to re-stringColeman Douglas Pearls your pearls every year if you wear them regularly, or as soon as the thread discolours, stretches or frays.

Here at Coleman Douglas Pearls we offer a range of different services which include re-stringing and cleaning your pearls.

Come to our Pearl Showroom situated at 42 Beauchamp Place, London, SW3 1NX, to find out more about pearls and the services that we offer.

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