P E A R L S !

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We’re rather passionate about PEARLS if you hadn’t noticed!
And why not!
Coming in huge variety of Pearl colours ‘…Pearls have the ability to look perfect with anything from jeans to a red carpet dress.’ – Chrissie Douglas.

Freshwater Pearls Coleman Douglas Pearlscome in 2 natural pearl colours. Pearl White and Pearl Pink.
To get grey freshwater pearls you need to take a pastel pink freshwater pearl and treat it. Likewise to get a peacock black freshwater pearl you need to take a plum pink freshwater pearl and treat it.
Within these 4 main colour groups come several smaller more specific tones. For example dark grey freshwater pearls  and dove grey freshwater pearls.

Tahitian Pearl strandsTahitian Pearl colours are all natural, which add to their wondrous beauty.
As you can see from this image of 3 Tahitian Pearl Strands, these pearls come in a wide spectrum of colours, making them the perfect pearls for every outfit.South Sea 3 strands

South Sea Pearl colours are also natural, ranging from white to deep gold.
Within the South Sea Pearls you can have pink, green and blue overtones.

Coleman Douglas Pearls
Now that you have seen how many colours pearls come in, it is imperative that you choose the right pearl to suit you.

If you would like help finding your perfect pearl colour then come to our Pearl Showroom, situated at 42 Beauchamp Place, London, where are pearl team will be happy to match the perfect pearl to you.

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