Pearls ARE for everyone!

Coleman Douglas PearlsWe have pearl necklaces , pearl bracelets , pearl earrings , pearl cufflinks and many more pearl accessories perfect for every girl no matter what her style!
From ‘Biker Chic‘ to ‘Secret Garden‘, ‘High Fashion’ to ‘Classic Chelsea‘, there’s a Pearl collection suitable for everyone.
Jacqueline Kennedy famously said, ‘Pearls are always appropriate’, and she is absolutely right.

Unlike most other gemstones, ‘…Pearls will never outshine their owners, instead they will take a back seat enhancing their wearer’s natural beauty.’ – Chrissie Douglas

Coleman Douglas PearlsOn the left you can see some pearl bracelets and pearl necklaces from our ‘Biker Chic’ collection.
Inspired by barbed wire, we used black leather cord knotted together with Tahitian Pearls.
The soft metallic colour of the Tahitian Pearls play beautifully against the solid black of the leather cord.

Coleman Douglas Pearls
On the right is our ‘Secret Garden’ collection.
Made up of pink and white Freshwater Pearls, South Sea Pearls and Felt this collection conveys the abundance of new life and the vibrancy of flowers emerging from the more rugged beauty of a rockery.

Coleman Douglas Pearls
Our newest collection, ‘Light as a Feather’, runs alongside the Spring/Summer 2013 fashion trends.
Our dramatic designs are balanced by the lightness of the ostrich feathers.
Using a simple monochrome colour scheme for the feathers and the Freshwater seed and Biwa Pearls it highlights the contrasts in texture and colour.

Coleman Douglas PearlsOur Classic Collection is made up of a mixture of white Freshwater Pearls and South Sea Pearls in ‘Timeless’ classic designs.
We also do these designs in grey freshwater pearls , black freshwater pearls , pink freshwater pearls and copper Freshwater Pearls and stunning Tahitian Pearls.

Come to our Pearl Showroom, situated at 42 Beauchamp Place, London, and see the whole collection plus many more.

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