Crystal Clear!

Coleman Douglas Pearls

Check out our magical wintery themed window above with pearl necklaces , pearl bracelets and pearl earrings.
The window was inspired by the romantic Barefoot Books children’s story of ‘The Princess & The White Bear King.’

Like our Pearl Shop window the scenery around us is turning white as the delicate crystal snowflakes cascade down from the sky.
Why not reflect this crystal beauty in your jewellery?

Coleman Douglas PearlsThis stunning 3 strand rock crystal necklace would be a perfect addition to every outfit, with the occasional Tahitian Pearl and green semi-precious stone giving life and depth to the necklace.
The smooth lustrous Pearls play beautifully  against the angular rock crystals. The necklace can be worn tightly twisted or as a loose 3 strand necklace. It is finished off with a subtle 18ct white gold oval clasp.

Similar to the necklace above, this bracelet is Coleman Douglas Pearlsmade up mostly of rock crystals with the drama of 6 peacock coloured Baroque Tahitian Pearls down the center. When worn these Tahitian Pearls look as if they are floating due to the clear rock crystals surrounding them.
This bracelet has been finished off with a sterling silver bar clasp.

Coleman Douglas PearlsIf you prefer ‘white’ pearls then how about our ‘Joy of Life’ Floral pearl cluster earrings. Made of a white Freshwater Pearl stud on sterling silver with floral cluster made from a combination of white freshwater pearls, rock crystals and aquamarines.
These earrings also come in several other colours, such as pink, black and grey,  which can be seen in our Pearl Showroom situated at 42 Beauchamp Place, London.

If you already have rock crystal necklaces but never wear them, how about booking an appointment with our Designer, Chrissie Douglas, to re-design them into jewellery that you will wear and treasure.

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